Bandle Tale: League of Legends Story will be released in February

Riot Forge announces its latest League of Legends Derived title, Bandle Tale: League of Legends Story, will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch on February 21, 2024.Create a role-playing game by Graveyard Keeper Developer Lazy Bear Games will release a collector’s edition. The Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order on the Riot Forge online store in North America and Europe for $149.99 USD/€159.99 and includes:

  • The numeric code is Bandle Tale: League of Legends Story Deluxe Edition includes pre-order bonus (game code will be emailed on launch day and is non-refundable)
  • collector’s edition box
  • Bandel Center Diorama Kit
  • hardcover art book
  • five champion statues
  • Rumble and Lulu wood pin set
  • notebook
  • sticker set

Bandle Tale: League of Legends Story The story takes place in the world of Bandle City, the home of the furry yordle people. Players control a shy yordle living on the cozy island of Yarnville. After their 101-year apprenticeship ends, they seek to venture out through a portal connecting Bandle City; however, the portal collapses and Bandle City falls into chaos. Players are tasked with restoring the portal using weaving magic with the help of various allies.

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