Bang of bastards: This is the tension between Rockstar and Remedy over logo demands

Legal disputes indirectly affecting Nintendo. In this case, we’re talking about development for developers with plans for Nintendo Switch. Rock Star vs Remedy!

Specifically, Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive filed a trademark dispute over the new Remedy Entertainment logo, claiming it resembles The iconic “R” logo goes too far By rock stars. Remedy launched a new logo in April 2023, but Take-Two believes there is a risk of confusion.

You can check it below:

Things have escalated to lines like “I will never confuse this with Rockstar… prove it again” They’re such a bunch of bastards“. This is what Mike Dailly, the founder of “GTA”, said in defense of himself.

Trademark disputes It’s common in the industry, but in this case the similarity between logos seems to be subjective.current cooperation Remedy and Rockstar In the Max Payne remake, they added an ironic edge to the situation. These disputes are often settled out of court, but they illustrate the importance of protecting intellectual property and brand image in the entertainment industry. We’ll keep an eye on what happens.

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