Bank Pekao is giving away PLN 100 each. Who will get this bonus?

Bank Pekao is giving away PLN 100 each.

Bank Pekao has launched a promotion for St. Nicholas’ Day, in which it encourages the youngest to use PeoPay KIDS. Up to PLN 100 is a bonus, but it is not the only gift. There is also something for teenagers and adults.

Bank Pekao has prepared promotions for children aged 6 to 12 yearsbut also has an opportunity for slightly older teenagers up to 17 years of ageand.

PLN 100 for children

For children up to 12 years of age, the promotion under the name “The first pocket money on the account with PeoPay KIDS – VI edition”. By using it, the youngest bank customers can get up to PLN 100.

The first PLN 50 they will receive for the very opening of the PeoPay KIDS Package, signing up for the promotion on the same day and logging in to the PeoPay KIDS application. He will get another PLN 50 a child who meets the conditions for receiving the first prize, and on January 10, 2022, will have more than PLN 10 on the Przekorzystne Account or the My Skarb savings account. Time to take advantage of this offer is January 2, 2022.

A parent can set up a PeoPay KIDS Package for your child with promotion via the Internet – in the Pekao24 online banking or the PeoPay application (in the Parent’s Panel) and in any bank branch.

PLN 100 for teenagers

Also adolescents from 13 to 17 years of age may receive an award from Bank Pekao – in the Christmas offer in the amount of PLN 100. To get the first PLN 50, open the Package for Young People (Konto Przekorzystne and My Skarb savings account) and sign up on the same day for the promotion “Parents recommend Konto Przekorzystne for children – 17th edition” and the promotion “Extra 50 PLN for a teenager – 2nd edition”.

The second prize is PLN 50 can be obtained for making a minimum of three non-cash transactions (with Mastercard Debit FX or PeoPay application).

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For all e-books and audiobooks in Legimi

On the occasion of St. Nicholas’ Day, Bank Pekao and Legimi have prepared a gift for all its customers, not only the youngest. They are given a choice of one item from a set of nearly 40 e-books, audiobooks and synchrobooks both for small and larger children, teenagers and adults.

Bank Pekao customers can download one of the electronic titles for free until December 31, 2021. Just go to the website, enter the code PEKAO and after choosing an interesting title, create an account on the Legimi website or log in to an existing one.

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Source of photos: Bank Pekao SA

Text source: Bank Pekao SA

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