Banks conducted a deal on the WSE. Allegro is fighting to return to growth

Banks conducted a deal on the WSE.  Allegro is fighting to return to growth
Banks conducted a deal on the WSE.  Allegro is fighting to return to growth
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After a one-day break, WSE indices returned to increases, the scale of which in the case of WIG20 turned out to be the best in Europe.

Tuesday was dictated by buyers who did not give up the supply field at all. Positive moods on the European stock exchanges supported by the demand end of yesterday’s session in the US encouraged the buy-back of shares sold on Monday. Investors’ dilemmas are currently focused on the degree of interest rate hikes in the US and their pace.

Overseas, this translates into a poor start to the year on the local stock exchanges. However, in Europe, the ECB communicates its actions less clearly and the valuation of European companies is not as high as that of American (especially technological) companies.

At the end of the day, WIG20 gained 2.32 percent. and was the best index on European stock exchanges.
The WIG was higher by 1.84 percent. Increases were recorded by mWIG40 (0.88%) and sWIG (1.08%). This resulted in an increase in WIG140 by 1.88%, with a turnover on the broad market of nearly PLN 1.6 billion, of which 1.31 billion on WIG20 .

Among the 14 industries, only the media (-0.98%) and automotive (-0.51%) did not take advantage of the good sentiment on the markets. Other sector indices saw increases, of which banks (2.94%) and mining (3.09%) were the best. Drugs (1.82%) and construction (1.09%) followed, while others gained less than 1%.

From the beginning of quotations, the Allegro price was climbing (5.70%), which last time above PLN 40 closed the session on December 27. Since November, she has been struggling to skip the weeks of consolidation around this level.

All banks supported the leader. Investors calculated how higher interest rates will affect the sector’s profits. Analysts surveyed by PAP Biznes expect that in 2022 the profits of listed banks will increase by about 30 percent. and will exceed PLN 20 billion. Higher profits are more expensive shares, which is why Pekao grew 4.65%, PKO BP by 3.05% and Santander by 3.15%.

PZU’s shares also appeared in the rate of the most increasing (3.80%), clearly overestimated and traded around several-month lows in the recent period, as if the banking assets belonging to it were irrelevant.

KGHM was primarily responsible for the growth of the mining sector (over 88% share in the basket). Following the increase in copper prices, the price of KGHM increased by 3.10 percent. He was faithfully followed by JSW, whose shares went up by 3.37 percent.

Over 3% Mercator grew even more (3.20%), thanks to which it remains above the level of PLN 100 per share.

Dino rebounded by 2.12 percent after five falling sessions. and is trading above PLN 353. Fuel and energy companies were still growing. For the third day in a row, LPP sets a session record of quotations (PLN 18,790) and the highest closing at PLN 18,340 per share, which means an increase by 0.71%. Orange and CD Projekt closed the ranks of the growing companies.

Of the four companies that fell, the declines of CCC and Asseco were minimal and did not exceed 0.1%. Cyfrowy Polsat gave 0.61 percent. The price of PGNiG lost the most (-1.49%), in the case of which investors are trying to evaluate new ideas regarding the mitigation of the effects of gas price increases, the effects of which are felt by the company itself, which is mainly an importer and distributor, and only then a producer of blue gas. .

It was interesting on mWIG40, where Alior (6.78%) and Millennium (-3.06%) stood on opposite sides of the market. Biomed’s shares were quoted above PLN 4.50 per share, which translated into an increase of 5.25%. and the second best result in the basket. In total, only 10 companies from the basket recorded a decline, which, apart from the Millennium, did not exceed 1.5 percent.

Stalprodukt (6.34%), Unimot (5.88%) and the Ukrainian Astarta (4.35%) stood out in the index of smaller companies. In reaction to yesterday’s statement issued by Rafako about the withdrawal from the letter of intent regarding the strategic investor, the company’s share price fell by 4.97 percent.



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