Banorte announces adjustments for customers with balances over 10,000 pesos

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this ATM like banking services has evolved rapidly to adapt to the changing needs of consumers and today is hyper-personalization It is nothing more than using data and analysis based on tools such as artificial intelligence to provide consumers with increasingly unique and special experiences, and providing these experiences through products, services and content to attract and retain consumers. To sum up, if you are Banault,check.

When 80% of users will return to a company or brand that provides a personalized experience during a visit or purchase, hyper-personalization This is a natural response to market needs, as it is a marketing technique designed to provide each customer with a unique and personalized experience, adapted to their needs and preferences.

The tool enables companies to create user experiences that are more satisfying, relevant and aligned with their interests, resulting in increased loyalty and retention 63% of the time.

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According to a study by Deloitte, 90% of consumers prefer to be influenced by hyper-personalized marketing campaigns; McKinsey found that when a brand’s content is highly personalized, 78% of users are more likely to purchase the brand’s products again .

are you a customer Banault?

Since January 27, 2024 last year, Banault Updated its image and engineering ATM, The update “strives to provide a more personalized, simple, and fast experience.”

  • As part of these “changes,” customers and users Banault Access to over 10,000 new menus available ATM Distributed throughout the country. In addition to a more intuitive menu, the menu also offers personalized options tailored to each customer’s profile.
  • On security issues, Banault Announced changes to the way ATM balances are displayed. If the balance is greater than 10,000 pesos, the amount will not be displayed directly on the final screen and the user can choose to show or hide the amount using the button.
  • A new “View Promotions” feature has also been incorporated to access offers and promotions that suit your needs.
  • Also includes showing the amount of the customer’s last two cash withdrawals,
  • Also included is an informative GIF providing tips on using a barcode reader when making plastic-free withdrawals.

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