Barack Obama shares his list of favorite films of 2022 on social media

Even the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, has succumbed to the charm of the rankings and has drawn up his personal list of the films he loved most in 2022. Let’s see them together!

Even the former US president, Barack Obamahas decided to draw up his personal ranking of the films he loved most in this 2022. Punctual, like every year, Obama he shared it on social networks, enthusing the web.

Obama’s list with his favorite films for this 2022: what titles are there?

The rankings are a must of this season: thanks to the end of the year, the time has come to sum up, yes, even the films we have seen at the cinema and that we have loved the most. In that of Barack Obama we find titles like: The Fabelmansthe director’s latest work Steven Spielber, just landed at the cinema. But also The Woman Kingapplauded by the African-American community and with the masterful interpretation of Viola Davis.

The 44th President of the USA is also a fan of Celine Sciammasince he entered his own Petite maman among this year’s favorite films, as well as Everything, Everywhere, All at Oncea real success at the box office and which joins the already vast majority of films that deal with the concept of the Multiverse, although it does so in a very original way. Obama also enjoyed the sequel to the 80s cult Top Gunswhich arrived at the cinema last spring with Top Gun: Maverickwhich highlighted how the nostalgia effect, when well dosed, can really work and make a film appreciable.

She will be happy Cate Blanchettbecause in the list of favorite movies from Obama there is also Tar directed by Todd Fieldwhich premiered at 79th Venice Film Festival and expected in Italian theaters in February 2023. Other films highly appreciated by the former President were: Aftersun, Wheel of Fate and Fantasy, After Yang, Emily’s Crimes, A Hero, Mystery Woman and the Netflix documentary, descendantamong other things produced by his and his production house Michelle Obama and which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim. A documentary that closely follows the inhabitants of Africatown, a small town in Alabama where the descendants of the Clotilda reside, the last slave ship that illegally transported black slaves from Africa to America.

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