Bárbara mocks after Cauã Reymond interrupts party with the police: “It’s no use” – Emerged

The ex-BBB Barbara Heck vented on social media this Monday (9) after seeing his name involved in a confusion. Is that she was accused of having angered Cauã Reymond.

“No use talking. People want to see what they want to see. I need to exercise my silence”, shot her on her profile on social media.

She said she thought about countering the circulation of the news, but gave up. “I have a sense of justice that when I see a person say something that isn’t true, I want to go there and say that’s not what happened. But I’ve realized that it’s no use talking”, claimed in a mocking tone.

The statement came after an unusual situation that happened last Saturday. The actor would have called the police to end a party that took place in his condominium, in the neighborhood of Joá, West Zone of Rio. The famous called two police cars and interrupted the social promoted by the ex-BBB.

She denies that the situation was this serious. “He [Cauã] asked us to turn down the music because he was with his daughter at home. It was all talked about in a good way. We lowered it a little, but we didn’t end the party. Cauã was very polite”he explained.

See the ex-BBB post:

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