Barbenheimer: what is this new dating trend?

Impossible to miss the two big cinema phenomena of recent weeks. On the one hand Barbie, with her polished pink aesthetic, her humor, her childhood nostalgia and her implicit feminism. On the other, Oppenheimer, the last Christopher Nolan with three hours of fascinating dialogues around the atomic bomb. In short, two films at the antipodes. A cleavage that has even given rise to a new dating trend: Barbenheimer.


What does it consist of ? Simply to date a partner completely different from oneself. A way to update the good old adage that “opposites attract”, drawing inspiration from the two radically opposed universes of the two most famous films of the moment. It’s Barbie pink meets dark Oppenheimer, the perfect world of Barbieland merges with the atomic bomb, the superficial meets math, pop culture meets tragedy.

Without denying the profoundly different subjects of the two films – on the one hand a drama, on the other a comedy – the Barbenheimer tendency urges us to meet those who are different from us. How ? By changing from his usual “types” and going to meet your Margot Robbie or your Cillian Murphy. A way to add a touch of contrast to his love life.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

“While dating someone other than your usual type can be new or intimidating to some, it can also allow you to meet someone who pushes you to be the best version of yourself,” confides to Seeking app dating expert Emma Hathorn at Indy100. “Contrary opinions and beliefs are likely to arise at some point,” she adds. But overcoming these superficial quarrels can be “the best way to mature yourself, and a way to better relate to those who are different from you.”

For the expert, this type of relationship has every chance of lasting: “On a physical level, the spark is not likely to go out – it’s a dynamic couple that favors a honeymoon period. continues because of the lure of exploring unknown territories.” We think of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, or Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly…

Opposites attract ?

But, in a relationship, do opposites really attract? According to a study published in Scientific Reports, researchers have shown that genetic differences (especially on the side of HLA, molecules present on the surface of cells) and attraction go hand in hand. That’s what the science says. On the side of psychology, it would rather be the saying “birds of a feather flock together” which would take precedence. According to a study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, to be maintained over time, you should meet a partner who has the same vision of the world as you. The only downside is that you are necessarily less exposed to the diversity of perspectives and opinions.

According to an experiment conducted by the dating app Once, the best thing would be to mix the best of both worlds. Be neither too similar nor too opposite. Partners from nearly 1000 couples were asked to define their character based on 4 dualities (carnal/cerebral, introverted/extroverted, intuitive/factual, independent/fusional). Result: 67% of couples shared two of the three axes (against 5% strictly opposite and 14% on the same wavelength).


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