Barbie: 3 crazy figures on the success of the blockbuster with Margot Robbie!

The success of the Barbie movie did not happen for nothing! Indeed, it can be explained with three crazy numbers.

While the Barbie film is a hit around the world, this success is proving very interesting. Here are three crazy numbers that explain this full box. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Barbie movie is a huge success

Impossible to miss Barbie. For good reason, since its cinema release, the film hits. He then finds himself at the heart of all eyes and continues to make ink flow. I have to say that
Greta Gerwig really pulled out all the stops.

While the Barbie movie is establishing itself as a real phenomenon, many challenges in its honor are emerging on TikTok. Indeed, Greta Gerwig’s film seems to inspire a large number of Internet users.

If some have decided to leave their boyfriend, others simply have fun reproducing choreographies. In short, the public really does not lack imagination.

Today Barbie’s success is so great that it presents very impressive figures. Here are the three most notable! MCE TV tells you more!

Three numbers that explain this full box

While the Barbie movie is a huge success around the world, the phenomenon can explain yourself with three numbers. And this may surprise you!

1,000,000,000 is the number of dollars raised worldwide by film in just a few days. While the film’s marketing campaign has largely helped box office admissions, Barbie is one of the few films to surpass the billion dollar mark.

20% is the increase in sales of Barbie dolls since the film’s release last July. Mattel, the toy giant, so hit really hard with the movie !

$50,000,000, this is the salary that Margot Robbie gets for the main role. This estimated salary is actually a portion of what the actress earned from the film. Indeed, this corresponds to the bonus linked to the results of the film at the box office. Just that !

One thing is certain, Barbie hasn’t finished surprising us! To be continued…