Barbie: 7 iconic looks we wish we could see in the movie

A few weeks ago, the Warner Bros. gave us an early treat when it released the first official teaser trailer for the upcoming Barbie movie. Directed by Greta Gerwig and played by Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling in those of Ken, the first footage allowed us to take a look at the colorful world that for decades has made little girls dream thanks to the homonymous and beloved Mattel doll. The trailer showed us a lot of dream homes and gave us a sense of joy and revolution when Barbie first enters the scene, but for fans of the iconic doll, it left a craving for more.

Over the doll’s nearly 64-year history, Barbie — whose full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts — has worn many beautiful and memorable designs, held countless titles and jobs, and helped define style and culture in pivotal ways. While we’ve already seen from set photos and the teaser trailer that the doll’s fashion history had an influence on the film, there are a few notable looks we’d love to see on the big screen. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite iconic looks we wish we could see in the Barbie movie. There are some that we could not include in the list: after all, it is a list, not a manifesto. Other than what’s listed here, any Western Barbie or My First Barbie, or even any iteration of Barbie Malibu would be great to see on screen. But we think this is a pretty solid and modern roster of beloved looks that would be great to see in live action. Read on to find out what we picked, and let us know your favorite Barbie looks in the comments!

Barbie will hit theaters on July 21, 2023.

  1. Barbie Time for Flight (1989)

Barbie and her myriad careers over the years definitely need to get a nod in the Barbie movie and what we really want to see is any iteration of her as a racer – but what if we can have this dress? All the better. Just look at the skirt! She’s frilly, she’s fun, she’s got a cute little scarf. But, of course, the best reason to give pilot Barbie a nod is Margot Robbie, who in 2011 starred in the short-lived Pan Am television series, where she played flight attendant Laura Cameron. Sure, there’s a vintage Pan Am flight attendant Barbie… but this costume is so much cuter, and we think Barbie deserves to be a pilot. After all, at the time there was a big ad campaign for Barbie… “we girls can do anything”.

  1. Barbie Dream Date (1982)

Sequins? Ruffles? Representative belt? Customizable look? This doll has it all and is one of Barbie’s most glamorous and iconic looks, which means we absolutely need her in the Barbie movie. Just watch it. He yells “put me on the big screen”. No notes.

  1. Peaches and Cream Barbie (1985)

Another ’80s classic – the ’80s were a great year for Barbie styles – this is perhaps one of her most beloved looks ever. She even got the Funko POP treatment. Gorgeous peach dress with flounced stole and that little cockade at the waist? Pure class. In a world of pink, please let Margot Robbie’s Barbie have a little peach, please.

  1. Barbie in Great Shape (1983)

This might look familiar if you’re a Toy Story fan, because her look in the film is inspired by the Great Shape Barbie doll from 1983. It’s an iconic look from the 80s, with blue overalls, pink belt and striped leg warmers . The doll came with pink ballet slippers, a duffel bag and a “Barbie World of Fashion” booklet, and there was even a whole set of Workout Centers for purchase. As we saw in the Barbie movie teaser, much of Barbie’s pink plastic world is represented. There will also be a gym, right? It would be great to see this iconic and beloved look, which for many little girls was Barbie’s first moment in life, brought to life.

  1. Totally Hair Barbie (1992)

Released in 1992, this Barbie had super long hair that reached down to her toes (and came with her own Dep gel with the original doll release), but while the hair alone is iconic, we’re here for the fashion . The doll sports a fitted, long-sleeved dress with neon-hued psychedelic graphic designs that are just, well, radical. Since we’ve already seen an outfit inspired by Hot Skatin’ Barbie in set photos, why not complete the neon vibe with this look? After all, this doll is one of the best-selling Barbies of all time.

  1. Barbie Day-Night (1985)

Originally released in 1985, the Day-to-Night Barbie was a celebration of the women’s workplace of that era, sporting a pink business suit and some “business” accessories like a pink briefcase and calculator. But the outfit also included a hat, extra shoes and a stylish purse to help Barbie transition from the office to happy hour. It’s a classic look that, frankly, remains very cool to this day.

  1. Original Black and White Striped Swimsuit (1959)

This is one we can cross off the list because, thanks to the film’s first teaser trailer, we knew we were going to get it. However, before that teaser, this is probably the only Barbie outfit that is truly a must-have movie-wise. When Barbie was officially introduced to the world on March 9, 1959, she wore a black and white strapless bathing suit and wore a pair of white cat-shaped sunglasses. She’s a timeless look, and just like the doll herself, she’s instantly recognizable as Barbie, perhaps even more so than her signature pink.

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