Barbie, all about the film with Margot Robbie (and the direction of Greta Gerwig)

Ryan Gosling Sara Ken, Barbie’s eternal boyfriend. After several months of speculation, the Canadian actor has been confirmed for the role, although given the feminist edge that is given to the iconic doll, it is not easy to imagine how this character will be integrated into the film.

The director

After Little Women, in 2019, and Lady Birdhis acclaimed directorial debut in 2017, Barbie will be the third feature film by Greta Gerwig, Oscar-nominated American director, actress and screenwriter, born in 1983. The unique approach to the stories she chooses to tell makes this next project – which started shooting in early 2022 – even more anticipated .

The screenplay

According to what the leading actress said Margot Robbie in the interview given to Voguethe screenplay, already completed, is the work of Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach – la couple has also written and directed Frances Ha (2012) and Mistress Americaa story of nervous, exuberant, insecure teens and adults, which suggests a future Barbie with a huge personality crisis.

The trailer

The trailer has not yet been released, but the production company has unveiled the first image of the film with the look of the protagonist.

Twitter content

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The release in theaters

According to what Warner Bros. posted on its Twitter account, Barbie will arrive in US theaters on July 23, 2023. In Italy we will probably have to wait until autumn.

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