Barbie blond, the trendy color for the start of the 2023 school year

The Barbiecore trend has not finished making followers! While she had already been present in the fashion sphere for several seasons, this trend has gradually gained ground in the world of beauty, with 100% pink products and other ultra-desirable collaborations.

However, it reached its climax in mid-July, when the movie comes out Barbie of Greta Gerwig. Since then, there has been a phenomenal rise in popularity for one particular color: blond barbie. According to Freshaspecialist in booking beauty salons, requests for this color have increased by 83%. How to adopt this color, with what cut to associate it or simply how to maintain it well… We asked these questions to Idir Bedredine, professional hairdresser at the Coiffirst Faubourg Saint-Honoré salon.

What is Barbie blonde?

Barbie blonde is a platinum blonde, almost peroxide. It brings a breath of fresh air, perfect for the holiday vibe. ” Blonde Barbie is displayed from roots to ends, without sweeping or work of wicks explains Idir Bedredine. ” This is a trend that has been in vogue in the United States for a little while now… Especially in California, on the East Coast. It can be declined in several tones: polar, ash, dark, golden or caramel… continues the scissor professional. This coloring gives a sophisticated look, while keeping a certain softness..

How to get a blonde Barbie?

Lily Allen is also a fan of blond Barbie.
© AGENCY / BESTIMAGELily Allen is also a fan of blond Barbie.

Blonde Barbie can only be obtained using a fading, coupled with excellent toner, to avoid straw yellow reflections. Since this summer will be bleached or not, we leave our hair in the hands of experts to adopt this star shade. We absolutely avoid trying it alone!

Blonde Barbie, who does it go to?

Blonde Barbie suits Hilary Duff perfectly
© Backgrid USA / BestimageBlonde Barbie suits Hilary Duff perfectly

According to ldir Bedredine, blond Barbie is particularly suitable for girls with good density of hair, whether thin or thick “. With its cold tone, this coloring will necessarily sublimate women with light eyes, white or tanned skin continues the expert. Not to mention the fact that this blonde has the added value of making you look younger, with a little “lifting” effect. In general, Barbie blond will not be made for those looking for a natural color that is easy to maintain.

How to maintain blond Barbie?

Carly Rae Jepsen fell for the blonde Barbie.
© PacificPressAgency / BestimageCarly Rae Jepsen fell for the blonde Barbie.

If it’s super trendy, blonde Barbie is high maintenance because bleach damages hair. During the summer, the chlorine from the swimming pool and the sun are also likely to alter the colouring… In addition to having to nourish the hair regularly, this way of bleaching the mane requires those who take the plunge, to go to the hairdresser more often to have their regrowth touched up. Note that bleached hair becomes oily less quickly, which is a good alternative for those with an oily scalp.

What cuts to adopt with a blond Barbie hair color?

Margot Robbie is the perfect blonde Barbie ambassador.
© Zuma Press / BestimageMargot Robbie is the perfect blonde Barbie ambassador.

The long mermaid hair, the short square, the bob and even the mullet will go perfectly with the blonde Barbie. Like Margot Robbie, it can also be worn with long 2000’s-style waffle hair.

Photo credits: Backgrid USA / Bestimage

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