Barbie, her small business no longer wants to experience the crisis

Greta Gerwig’s comedy “Barbie”. With Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Duration: 1 hr 40. Released on 19/7.

“Barbie”, by Greta Gerwig (2023) ©Sony

European critics will have to wait until Tuesday to find out barbie, the film. The public will have to wait for 24 more hours. But we can already say, without too much risk of being wrong, that the company will prove to be a huge success, with Mattel certainly resuming its place as a juggernaut at the table of the world toy market after years was waiting to do. crisis..

Because make no mistake about it: even though it was signed by the talented director Greta Gerwig female birdand has multiplied the markdowns for several weeks to prove its artistic independence through a well-oiled candy pink promotional campaign, it barbie First of all it is a marketing stunt. A long-standing project aimed at completing the transformation of the famous doll, which was created in 1959 and has long been accused of being no longer in line with the principles of twenty-first century beauty, to a more inclusive, more feminist. In short, more “generic”. It’s no surprise that the company, in 2015, launched Barbies with a variety of features and silhouettes: short, round, tall, in a wheelchair, and even one with Down syndrome.

Model Ellie Goldstein with the new Barbie, the first doll with Down syndrome. ©Dr

Revealing its adaptation to the cinema, it is important to first talk about the big bucks. And the transformation of a company that has returned to growth since 2018, and its takeover by CEO Yoon Kreuz, is still in office. a course that at first coincided with the savings and dismissals of over 20% of its workforce. Taking steps to conquer Hollywood… better jump. Where one can only be tempted by the proposition of transferring the iconic toy to the big screen. Why ? ,Because the audience will not be out of place. Toys on Family Fun is a boon for the studio because it doesn’t introduce any characters. At the beginning of the film, the public does not need to apply their mind to understand the inside and outside”, wrote British novelist and film critic Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian on 5 July.

“Barbie”, by Greta Gerwig (2023) ©Sony

The kind of ready-to-watch, calculated risk, that bets on nostalgia or bigotry (or both), and for which there are few precedents. of course we think transformer Or GI Joe, from competitor Hasbro. And, in a way, to serial adaptations from the Marvel or DC Comics universe. Ultra-coded franchises with exactly the same goal barbie, a public that had already been conquered, divided into two categories: a younger generation that still had to be convinced to go to the cash register, and the other, the older, made up of people who ” Baptized as “child”. Listen up: adults who buy toys for their own consumption too.

should we throw it away barbie, And its lead actress Margot Robbie, with the bathwater? Probably not: business doesn’t preclude talent. And Greta Gerwig remains a priority. According to first reports from across the Atlantic, she may have been successful in modernizing Barbie and Ken by introducing multiple levels of understanding to capture all of these audiences.

A self-mockery willingly allowed by Mattel, which intends to strike iron if it finds success: we’re talking today about 45 other toys from its impressive catalog for which the firm is working on future adaptations. Will work Among them, Hot Wheels cars, Muscular figurines, the entire Fisher Price range or even other internationally famous Polly Pocket dolls. barbie Only then there will be a big bang of a very big movement. And really more commercial than artistic.

Dua Lipa at the world premiere of the film in London last Saturday. ©AFP or licensor

Launched by Dua Lipa’s single (dance the night away) which is currently streaming across all radios and platforms, the soundtrack that accompanies the film is worth its weight in peanuts. It’s very simple: everyone wanted to be a part of it. At the unveiling of Dua Lipa’s single, the production also revealed the names of the selected artists. From the talented Pinkpants to Charli XCX, via Sam Smith, Haim, the phenomenal Dominique Fike, Tame Impala (who eats it all on the rack) or feminist Glee… this soundtrack skillfully blends mainstream locomotives and trendy artists.

There remained two mysterious beaches, which were not disclosed by the production. The first is revealed to be Billie Eilish! Suddenly, speculation is rife as to which of the more influential stars could overtake Billie Eilish. We think of Taylor Swift or Harry Styles among others. On the other hand, we already know that it will not be a question of Aqua’s denizens in disgrace to Mattel, who will be satisfied with the surprising recovery of their tube Barbie Girlbecame barbie world by Nicki Minaj.

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