Barbie, Italian teaser trailer for the film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling –

Barbiethe movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Goslingfinally shows itself with the first one teaser trailerswhich seems to anticipate the atypical nature of an undoubtedly curious and courageous production, which can count on some big names.

Behind the camera we will indeed find Greta Gerwigthree-time Academy Award nominee for Best Director and Best Screenplay for “Little Women” and “Lady Bird,” while writing the screenplay will also be Noah Baumbachauthor among others of the recent “Story of a Marriage”.

The Barbie franchise, in itself, has been the protagonist of various videogame transpositions over the years, although these have always been products intended for a particularly young audience. The interesting thing is that the film will try a different path.

We are also talking about a film with a troubled development: Mattel has been trying to make this project a reality since 2009, which over the years has aroused the interest of various actresses (including Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway) and various directors, up until current arrangement.

With a budget of 100 million dollars, Barbie required only four months of shooting, from March to July 2022, and will make its debut in cinemas in July 2023.

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