Barbie ponytail wins over celebrities

Want to show off a different look? How about betting on barbie ponytail? Also known by its English name “Barbie ponytail”, it obviously makes a reference to the “straight up” look of the doll and fell in love with celebrities.

Barbie ponytail Maisa

Barbie ponytail Maisa

Photo: @maisa/Instagram/Reproduction / Them on the Red Carpet

To follow the trend, you must hold your hair high on the top of your head, in a well-aligned way, with the help of fixing gel or spray. The ends of straight strands are usually turned outwards and there is still possible to invest in side bangs over the forehead.

Get inspired by the productions of Patricia Poeta, Maisa and Jennifer Lopez:

Celebrities with Barbie ponytails (Photos: Instagram/Playback)

Celebrities with Barbie ponytails (Photos: Instagram/Playback)

Photo: Them on the Red Carpet

Patricia Poet

Patricia Poet finished the hairstyle with a lock of hair wrapped in the ponytail, covering the elastic, and secured with a well-hidden bobby pin.

# stayadica1: Once you’ve made Barbie’s ponytail, don’t forget to finish. She gently arranges the strands with the aid of a comb to obtain a well-aligned finish. You can use gel and setting spray to ensure durability.


Maisa chose a buckle and scrunchie to complete the look.

# stayadica2: Accessories can transform the look. Barbie’s ponytail matches a tiara, belt loops on the side, different elastics… The important thing is that it matches your style.

Jennifer Lopez

The strands stuck left the hoop earrings visible, in the photo of Jennifer Lopez.

# stayadica3: high ponytail cai well in both informal and more formal environments. It is still a good request to highlight the Maxi earringswear with a turtleneck in winter and cool off on hot summer days.

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