Barbie: These 32 Movies Helped Greta Gerwig Find Inspiration!

The Barbie film will be released in cinemas in a few days and Greta Graving took the occasion to name 32 films that inspired her.

After months of waiting, Barbie arrives in dark rooms this week. To mark the occasion, director Greta Gerving wanted to return to the 32 films that helped her make this feature film. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

barbie in theaters soon

it’s been months Fans are looking forward to the arrival of Barbie in the cinema, For once, Warner went to great lengths to promote the film.

Warner first partneredWith music stars to create Barbie soundtrack, Between Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice or even billie eilish, just that !

of course warner Has managed to get close to big brands To promote new feature films. For example, Microsoft wanted to make it big.

video game fans can get an xbox one In the colors of the famous Mattel doll, Airbnb even did something for the Barbie movie.

In fact, rental company offers to rent “Dream House”, Of course, clothing brands also offer pieces inspired by Greta Gerving’s film.

Shortly before the release of Barbie, artist went to the 4 corners of the world, Cities included Los Angeles, Toronto, Seoul, Sydney, Mexico City, Berlin and London.

But it’s only in the City of Angels and the British capital where the public could see a preview of the film, Of course, film crews like Margot Robbie or Ryan Gosling did a lot of interviews to promote Barbie.

Greta Gorving also did something. Furthermore, in one of these last interviews, The director lists 32 films that helped him to make his feature film. MCE TV tells you more!

a movie with lots of references

barbie is going to the cinema in two short days, fans can’t wait to find out latest feature film by Greta Gerving. The 39-year-old director has revealed many secrets regarding the film.

But it wasn’t until recently that it provided much of the inspiration for Warner’s latest project. In an interview he told That 32 Movies Helped Make Her Barbie, it is too big!

Among them are the great classics. between the Wizard of Oz, the Truman Show or even Saint, This includes French films as well.

Actually, the director of Barbie was inspired by ladies of rochfort But umbrellas of cherbourg, The latter states that she was inspired by Catherine Deneuve’s cut to create Margot Robbie. just that !

As far as the set is concerned, some inspiration came from Greta Gerving. thanks to a film by jacques tati, Yes, she wanted to have her thoughts on playtime.

from 19 july, fans will finally be able to see Barbie in theaters. So in the feature film of 1 hour 54 minutes, the public will be able to try to find out the many aspects hidden in the film.

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