Barca pounce, reversing position on Neymar file

Neymar Jr, who has returned to PSG after a long ankle injury, is no longer hiding his desire to return to La Liga. He wants to return to Barca, especially after some Paris supporters demonstrated in front of his home in France. And for some time, the Spanish media revealed that Xavi does not want his return. But according to daily Mundo Deportivo, Neymar Jr could return to Barcelona this summer on one condition.

Returning to Barcelona would be possible, but Neymar Jr. would first have to make enormous efforts. Oriverde is back in Catalonia, the soap opera is back? For a few days now, the PSG star has been announced again in Spain and his former club. However, fellow Spaniard Gerard Moreno spilled the beans last night.

Neymar Jr back in Xavi? a clan says no

According to the journalist, Neymar Jr is currently doing everything possible to return to Barca before the end of the transfer window. He reveals that his agent Pizzi Zahavi is trying to locate the Catalan leaders’ loan file. He is currently in talks with Oriverde on loan, 6 years after he left. And things might be getting better between the two halves, the source confirms.

Furthermore, some Catalans, notably coach Xavi, still would not agree to his return. According to information, some people within Barca doubt this file because of the repeated injuries he suffered in his last years. According to him, the player has aged and his health has been causing great difficulties in recent months.

Even though the management feels that this is a good opportunity to bring in a player with a good number of sponsors to help the team, others are against it. However, daily Mundo Deportivo revealed that Xavi and his coaching staff believe Neymar Jr’s return to Barca could be a threat. According to the media, they feel that the return of Oriverde could disturb the balance of the locker room.

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