Barça, why did Messi not renew in 2020? Among the 11 conditions, the box for Suarez’s family

Important new details regarding Lionel Messi and the non-renewal of the Argentine champion with the Barcelona in 2020. As reported by El Mundothese are the 11 conditions that the seven-time Golden Ball had dictated to the Blaugrana management to sign an extension:

– Contract until 2023 with the possibility of unilateral extension for Lionel Messi.

– Fixed salary: 20% of the fixed salary of 2020/21 is reduced, recovering 10% of the salary in 2021/2022 and another 10% in 2022/2023 with interest of 3% per annum.

– Payment of loyalty premiums pending collection with interest.

– Box for the families of Messi and Luis Suárez.

– Private Christmas flight for the whole family to Argentina.

– In the event of termination of the contract, payment of the deferred sums in the 2020/2021 season plus interest.

– Bonus for the signing of the contract of 10 million euros (to be paid on 30/06/2023).

– Increase in remuneration in the event of a tax increase.

– Elimination of the termination clause, which will be fixed in the symbolic amount of 10,000 euros (at the time the clause was 700 million euros).

In addition to these conditions, Messi asked to resolve two issues before signing:

– The renewal of Pepe Costa so that his contract will last as long as Messi’s.

– Signing of the commitment of the club to pay Rodrigo Messi the commissions due to him.

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