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After successfully launching the action franchise Tyler Rake worn by Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as Thor at Marvel, Netflix tried to repeat this performance with a DC superheroine. Also, it is this Friday, August 11, 2023 that the platform has put online Agent Stone with Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman.

In the program ? Directed by Tom Harper (who previously worked on the series Misfits And Peaky Blinders), this action and spy film follows the mission of Rachel Stone – a CIA agent, desperate to get her hands on a weapon of mass destruction that takes the form of an AI stolen by a hacker.

Agent Stone gets destroyed by the press

A cliché concept and already seen everywhere? Yes, but less well, unfortunately. With a ridiculous 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this feature film – which is criticized for stealing ideas from right to left, and failing to hold its concept with a weakly staged action, is is simply smashed by journalists.

Agent Stone is a waste of money for things that are as bombastic as they are dramatically useless“assures Otroscines,”The film’s potential is sabotaged by generic writing“, Regrets Film Companion, while Variety laments, “What makes Agent Stone such an irritating experience is not so much the incompetence behind it, but the fact that nothing matters.“. The New York Times even goes so far as to write: “If Tom Cruise is trying to save the movie industry (with his movies), as we often say, he’s also trying to save us from movies like that!

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Even subscribers are upset

Critics as spicy as they are salty capable of breaking more than one ego, which are not even compensated by the feedback from the public. Where the crews of films destroyed by the press usually find a smile with the opinions of the spectators, considered to be more open-minded and less demanding, Agent Stone finally created the feat of getting everyone to agree this time.

It’s silly, ugly, forgettable, and it doesn’t even hide being a Mission Impossible sub. Appalling, especially given the means deployed and the cast“, can we thus read on Twitter today from Netflix subscribers, just like, “Agent Stone is a mix of James Bond and Mission Impossible, only less well. It was predictable“, “It looks like all the action films produced on the chain by Netflix, so it’s bad, it badly copies the latest Mission Impossible, the actors play around on twists that look like they were written by chatgpt. No interest” or “I felt like I was seeing a Wish version of a Mission Impossible” and even “A discounted mix of the last 3 MIs, combined with the visual ugliness of The Gray Man, Agent Stone is a fine turd at 100 million dollars. After Red Notice, we congratulate Gal Gadot for her career choices with Netflix, which definitely likes to throw its money out the window.

You know what not to watch during the weekend of August 15…

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