Bari, teacher attacked in class. The principal: “From him the false version: he had inappropriate behaviors”

Attacked in the courtroom for giving a note to a female student. It happened to Barito the institute Ettore Majorana of the San Paolo district. A professor of law and economics, Vincenzo Amoresewas slapped in the courtroom by two people, identified by the police, who have decided to avenge the alleged injustice suffered by the student. Shortly before, the professor had caught the girl who, having entered the classroom late, she started – as reported by the Corriere del Mezzogiorno – “to disturb the course of the lesson and to encourage the other students to do the same”. Thus, the professor’s decision to put a Note to the student. The story, however, would be more complex than what the teacher told. According to what was declared to Handle from the head teacher of the Institute of Bari, Paola Petruzzella, the professor would not have told the attack correctly. For the manager “What he said is not true, he had – continues the manager – behaviors that are not suited to a teacher“. The principal also claims to have listened to her students and from what emerges, the student’s parents had filed a complaint with the carabinieri in Bari, where – according to the principal – “other statements emerge”.

The teacher’s story

According to the version told by the teacher, the attack would have occurred on 23 September last, during the third hour of class. The professor had caught the student disturbing the law and economics lesson with her behavior. When the teacher gave her the note, the student promised him vendetta. Revenge that she would come shortly after, according to the teacher: two people, in fact, after breaking into the institute, attacked the professor, threatening – moreover – further retaliation if he sanctioned the student again. «All with an enormous sense of helplessness and in the silence of the school staff too. And not only that: those who hit me also hit me intimated not to allow me to repeat in the future to sanction the girl again in order not to incur the risk of suffering further punishment “, says the professor at Corriere del Mezzogiorno. The psychophysical conditions of the teacher, who returned to Puglia after 16 years of teaching in Northern Italy, after the aggression suffered “are not yet such as to resume activity at school”.

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