Bari, the Matarrese companies are searched: former Figc president Antonio and his family and partners are investigated for fraudulent bankruptcy

Fraudulent bankruptcy for dissipation. This is the accusation made by the prosecutors of Bari Lanfranco Marazia And Desiree Digeronimo against eight people, including the former president of the Italian football federation, Antonio Matarrese. The other suspects, all subjected to searches, are family members and partners of him: Amato, Salvatore and Marco Matarrese, Valerio De Luca, Oronzo Trio, Vitangelo Pellecchia and Marco Mandurino. According to the magistrates, in view of the bankruptcy of the company “Aggregates & Conglomerates-I.Con srl”Based in Novoli, in the province of Lecce, the accused distracted a significant part of the company’s assets, thus damaging creditors.

The documents state that “a few months before the filing of the request for arrangement with creditors (which took place on 15/12/2021) and a few months before the declaration of bankruptcy (which took place on 20/04/2022), the new legal representative and liquidator of Icon Srl, De Luca Valerio, put in place a series of acts of asset devices of the company’s assets, consisting of real estate (land), vehicles for transporting goods and other capital goods, which see Trio Oronzo and some of the commercial enterprises attributable to the latter as the beneficiary ”. According to the power of attorney, those transfers of ownership “would constitute real deeds of distraction of assets”Given that“ the price of the alleged sale was never paid, as evidenced by the bankruptcy trustees ”.

The investigation started with the request for an arrangement with creditors filed on December 15, 2021, at the chancellery of the bankruptcy court of Bari, by the company Icon Srl: it then involved the companies “So.Del.Va srl“Which deals with the extraction of stones, limestone, created and slate (also based in Novoli), the”Super Beton srl“, A holding company based in Bari and parent company of Icon, the”Strade e Condotte spa“In the field of building, construction, trade, administration, management and management of real estate based in Bari. Investigations are also underway on” Finba spa “. And it is precisely on the latter that the headlights of the Prosecutor’s Office have now turned on: the conducts linked to the “announced” failure of the Icon, in fact, according to the prosecutors “appear closely connected with those concerning theentire industrial groupattributable to the Matarrese family, belonging to the holding Finba Spa”Since it too“ appears to be in crisis and in a state of insolvency ”.

The activity of the investigators of the Guardia di Finanza gradually extended to the entire corporate empire of the Apulian industrial family: “It is believed” the investigators write, “that the extraordinary operations described above are characterized by obvious distracting purposes. The additional behaviors highlighted, carried out by directors and liquidators of the insolvent companies, can therefore be classified as malicious operations which could, most likely, cause the company to go bankrupt. These operations and conduct “, according to the prosecutors,” appear to be preordained, as part of a unitary and strategic initiative attributable to the management of the Finba Group, to the progressive depletion of subsidiaries “.

A consistent series of operations, in short, which not only could jeopardize the stability of the entire group according to the accusation, but would have the ultimate aim of using Icon srl as “a dangerous reservoir of debt“: To support this thesis, the investigators and investigators affirmed that Icon srl was” awarded (at the price of one euro) to srl, probably set up ad hoc for the purchase of the shareholding, whose administrator Valerio De Luca then proceeded to dispel And distract in favor of Oronzo Trio the remaining part of the assets of I. Con srl represented by land used as quarries, vehicles and equipment “. And, again according to the hypothesis of the Bari prosecutor, “all in the awareness of leaving, in I.Con srl only debts and in anticipation of the inevitable failure “. The prosecutor Marazia has now delegated the financiers to the seizure from IT supportsservers, tablet PCs, phones, USB sticks and mass storage devices, including cloud, in order to reconstruct the financial transactions, the nature of the funds used, their origin and destination and define the role of the suspects and any other people.

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