Barilla has appointed the new CEO: it is Gianluca di Tondo

Barilla announces that starting from April 2023, after more than 10 years at the helm of the Barilla Group, Claudio Colzani will leave his position as CEO to pursue other professional developments.
After a scrupulous selection process, the position will be taken on by Gianluca Di Tondo, former Group Chief Marketing Officer of the Group.

Guido Barilla, president of the Barilla Group: “I thank Claudio for these ten years together, in which he has ensured an important growth that has made the Barilla Group extremely solid and able to look forward to future challenges with optimism. Claudio has achieved a strong development of international markets, investing, at the same time, in a path of sustainability and creating an increasingly inclusive culture, capable of enhancing diversity. Gianluca Di Tondo, with his vision and experience, will be able to accompany our company in the transformation process necessary to be even more competitive in the international scenario “.

Gianluca Di Tondo who has a long experience of over 25 years in the world of Food & Beverage said: “I am incredibly happy, proud and grateful to the board of directors for this privilege. I am also aware of the great responsibility and challenge that lies ahead of me by succeeding Claudio, who in his ten years at the helm of the company has done an extraordinary job to bring Barilla to where it is today. I certainly see three main priorities at the top of my agenda: making our brands even stronger in Italy and even better spokespersons in the world for the Italian way of understanding the joy of food; continue to cultivate our values ​​and our diversity, to always increase
more the sense of belonging of our people and to attract new talents; be recognized by consumers around the world as their trusted food company “.

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