Baroness: Flowery Single

Discover “Beneath the Rose,” the new track from American band Baroness’ upcoming studio album.

baroness Teasing the release of their next album continues with a new single titled “Beneath the Rose”. Find clips of him produced by the group through the player below:

“We started writing ‘Beneath the Rose’ about six years ago in the Gold & Gray sessions”. says guitarist and vocalist John Bazeley. , During these sessions, the track never really progressed. But when we started writing Stone, one of the first things I did was pull that riff out of retirement to see if we could breathe new life into that track. Along with ‘Last Word’, ‘Beneath the Rose’ became a succinct expression of Stone’s. It presents a slice of the wide musical field that we see the rest of the disc cover. It is also part of a trilogy of tracks which also includes ‘Quire’ and ‘The Dirge’. ,

Like its predecessor “Last Word”, “Beneath the Rose” includes StoneNext studio album by baroness, The album with a DIY feel, from production to video making, set for release on 15 September. The cover has also been performed by singer John Bazley, which has been the case since his debut album.

“We look forward to seeing where this project of a series of videos around Stone will take us,” asks the frontman. “We rely on found objects, the local environment, and our limitations in lighting and equipment. Like all Baroness projects, it is satisfying to expand our capabilities and creative vision. ,

Stone available for pre-order

Here’s the tracklist and cover:

  1. Spark
  2. last word
  3. under the rose
  4. the choir
  5. director
  6. pain reliever
  7. shine
  8. Magnolia
  9. under the wheel
  10. bloom

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