Basic but cool: 4 different celebrity looks to inspire you

Hello Readers!!! If you’re basic but can’t get out of the all-white or all-black look, I’ll help you through looks of celebrities to come out of the same!

Let's get out of the sameness and learn to assemble basic looks with personality and style?Hailey Bieber, with a basic and cool look. @haileybieber/Disclosure/ND

Do not cling to the idea that a look more casual can’t be cool and stylish. Those who will can prove it, are some of the celebrities who are booming on social networks and on screens, especially the American ones, since intentionally or not, they deliver many stylish inspirations in the street style.

With looks basic, but stylish, and for all tastes, get inspired by this list from Mundo Maria.

T-shirt + jeans + overlay

THE celebebritie Bella Hadid is pictured above in a basic look. But what made her leave him in style? She layered jeans and a T-shirt with a red blazer, which could have also been a leather jacket or a maxi sweater. Anything that caught your eye over the shirt.

All denim look

Celebrity Zendaya bet on two tones of jeans in this production, which leaves the look out of the ordinary. Note that the buttons on the shirt are black, but on the pants, which have a darker shade of jeans, the buttons are silver. and to stay longer cool, she wore a colorful mule and red lipstick.

Let's get out of the sameness and learn to assemble basic looks with personality and style?Basic look with style. @haileybieber/Disclosure/ND

All black look + loafer

Hailey Bieber, another celebrity that many are inspired by, including myself, set up a look basic, but rocked the style. Mini skirt with black blazer, ok. So far too conventional. O bye the look was the white sock showing up with the shoes loaferswhich are controversial and have this more masculine air.

Oversized shirt + weight accessories

Last but not least, this look by Kendall Jenner. The jump of the cat is a very large and eye-catching bag, even if it is black. The size of the hat draws attention and a hat is out of the ordinary.

What’s up? liked the looks of celebrities? Which one would you bet on as inspiration?

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