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The Citizenship Income will undergo a substantial reform. Here is what is on the table of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.

During the election campaign the Centre-rightwith different facets, had announced profound changes to the Basic incomewhich was the flag of the governments of Five Stars movement. And between those who propose abolition and those who propose an increase but with new characteristics, a soft but immediate modification probably emerges. The new guidelines for the subsidy could already arrive at the table with the unions, which the Government has convened.

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At the moment the recipients of the Basic income they can be on the dole until they find a job. The first real intervention could therefore be made right on the length of the Time period. Not anymore – in practice – a unlimited subsidy. On the contrary: with a maximum duration that cannot be derogated from.

Income, term of 5 years

The reasoning what happens in the executive Melons is that currently the Naspi (New social insurance for employment), the subsidy for those who lose their jobs, it lasts 18 months. The new’ Income of citizenship he might add another 30 months of support. This would lead to a maximum of 5 years the coverage within which the recipient will have to find a job. There may also be a staggered decline in the monthly benefit over the last 18 benefit months.

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There reform proposed by League predicts that after 18 months the recipient of the Citizenship Income who has not yet found a job no longer receives the subsidy and instead enters a path from active policies of the work. It is not yet clear, however, in this regard, the future of the navigator. Returning to the citizen who receives the income, in practice he will have to attend training courses that are suited to his profile and that ‘push’ him towards requests from companies.

Stop if you don’t accept the job

During these 6 months – the journey should last so long – the European Social Fund would go to to sustain economically the person involved. If after the training he still fails to enter the world of work, the earner will be suspended for 6 months at the end of which you can request the Basic income which will cover it for 12 months but with one 25% reduction. After this period, in which they are expected further training courseswill suffer a new 6-month suspension at the end of which he will be able to request – for the last time – the Citizenship Income which will support him for 6 months with a new 25% reduction.

But the new rules of the Meloni government will also tighten the possibility of refusing the job from time to time proposed to the Income recipient. If you don’t accept even one offer fair employment, the subsidy and immediately eliminated. So everything seems to change dramatically. The reactions of society remain to be understood. Not last there Italian Catholic Churchwhich through the mouth of the president of the bishops, the Cardinal Zuppimade his voice heard last October, demanding that the Citizenship income is improved but also expanded and not reduced.

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