Basic income, this is how it works in Finland and Spain

The Basic income, which has always been a much discussed measure in our country, it is not a subsidy provided only within our borders. Even in some countries around the world solutions are being tested that go towards a universal income and unconditional: recognized to all citizens, regardless of what they do and how much they earn. The reasons would be two: an increasingly strong inequality between the population and the automation of work that could soon lead to replacing workers with robots. For this reason all over the world have departed further 100 experimental basic income projects. “Hyenas“they flew in Finland to understand what happens in a society and in the labor market when citizens receive an economic subsidy without having to do anything in return.

TO Helsinkiin fact, the Government with an experimental project from 2017 to 2019 gave 560 euros per month a 2 thousand residents. The subsidy did not increase employment in the strict sense, but according to what was reported by the “Hyenas” it would have done much more.

This is the case of a woman of Irish origin who, despite her studies and training, once arrived in Finland had difficulty finding work. That all changed when she was pulled as a basic income earner: “I have never been asked to find a job – explains the woman – and even when I found it, I continued to receive the subsidy“. An economic stimulus that pushed her to start her own business.” This money gave me the opportunity to take a risk, if I had not continued to receive basic income I would have continued to look for a job rather than become an entrepreneur. I made it aware that I would run less risk, on the strength of the fact that I would have received those 560 euros every month in any case. “Two years later, when the experimentation ended, the recipient no longer needed that money because by now he earned a lot more. “When you start earning a lot more, your taxes also go up, that’s how the state gets that money back,” he concludes.

The case of the woman interviewed by Italy 1 is the example for which the Finnish government is convinced that the basic income experiment was successful. There Minister of Social Affairs and Health Finnish explains how the experiment gave other important information. “The physical and mental well-being of people has improved”, a success according to the minister, even if the income has failed in the attempt to increase employment in the territory, because: “the universal subsidy encourages individuals to be an active part of society , helping to improve their economic, social and individual conditions and meanwhile unemployment has not decreased, but neither has it increased “.

In Spain, on the other hand, another large experimental project took place in Barcelona between 2017 and 2019, which gave surprising results. To explain why it is Luis Torrensthe expert who worked on the Spanish study according to which: “The biggest problem of Italian citizenship income would be the fact that it is lost when one finds employment, so the citizen’s income remains the same or even worsens: for this reason nyou don’t have any interest in getting that job because the real income remains unchanged“This would happen because poor citizens prefer to have a low but secure income rather than a precarious job with no prospects.

It is the case of Josè who for a period received basic income: “So I had the possibility of being able to pay for electricity, water and rent. The income allowed me to gain security, that strength that I had not had for a long time“. Also Janedi thinks the same way. She has always worked, but that has not prevented her from falling into poverty. “I’ve always been a hairdresser, but I didn’t make it through to the end of the month. With work and basic income, I was able to look after my daughtersI bought them clothes and I was not afraid of not being able to pay the bills “, explains the woman who says that in the two years in which she received the subsidy her psychological health has increased which allows her to live much better today.

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