Basilicata, operation of the Dda on health: there is also the governor Bardi among the over 100 suspects. Fi group leader arrested in the Region

Arrests, searches and restrictive measures against politicians and administrators of the Basilicata Region. With the center-right governor Vito Bar of which is among the over one hundred investigated in the operation of Dda of Potenza and carried out by the police and Carabinieri on the health care lucana. Instead, the leader of the group ended up in handcuffs Come on Italy, Francis Pyrowhile the regional councilor for agriculture, Francis Cupparo, also by Forza Italia, the ban on residence was notified. The operation also affected the former health councilor of the Basilicata Region, Rocco Lioncurrent regional councilor of Siblings of Italyagainst which the investigating judge of Potenza Savior Pignata has always provided for the obligation of residence. In addition, the agents and the military of the Arma have played different searches at the regional headquarters and at the San Carlo di Potenza hospital, whose general manager Giuseppe Spera appears to be involved in the investigation.

The office of the president of the Basilicata Region was also searched. “Yup Go on in a moment of unprecedented crisis “, said Vito Bardi at theHandle. “I am as always available to collaborate with investigators to clarify every aspect, ”he added. Sources close to the Lucanian governor also stressed that the resolutions under investigation “are acts public, approved without ulterior motives “. As for the swabs, Bardi stressed that he “did not receive any favors”. The President of the Region handed over to the investigators the phone cell phonewhile in his office i device in his possession. The governor would not be affected by any precautionary measures.

A large part of the center-right junta hit – In addition to the president Bardi, under investigation, the precautionary measure was issued against the commissioner Cupparo. But the vice president is also among the suspects Francis Fanelli, which has the powers of Health. In addition, it is also investigated Donatella Merra, councilor for infrastructure and mobility. Of the entire center-right junta led by Bardi, only two assessors are currently unrelated to the investigation. Recipient of security information and search decree also Antonio Ferraraexecutive of the regional council.

The investigation into the Lagonegro hospital – Forza Italia group leader Francesco Piro was arrested in Lagonegro. Just the construction of the new hospital of Lagonegro, in the southern area of ​​the region, would be at the center of the investigation which involves several Lucan politicians and administrators. He was placed at the House arrest the mayor of Lagonegro, Maria Di Lascio, while the municipal councilor Gianni Mastroianni is among the suspects. Among the papers of the investigation also the Covid emergency management in the initial phase of the pandemic, a March 2020when two families from Potenza denounced the late execution of the tampons for their relatives who later died.

Investigations on Governor Bardi – According to what he always learns the AnsaGovernor Bardi would be extraneous to the part of the investigation concerning the construction of the new hospital from Lagonegrowhile he would be involved in a “report“For a soldier of the Finance Police. The governor was in the past Deputy Commander General of yellow flames. Other aspects that would concern Bardi in the investigation relate when driving of the “San Carlo” hospital in Potenza: in this context, the investigation also concerns the components of the arrived regional in office at the time of the events, therefore also the former councilor Leone, today a councilor of FdI. The resolutions to the attention of the investigators would be those relating to the allotment fund.

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