Bassetti does not want to run but is ready to be a minister. Maglie and Maresca- are appearing

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The group leader in the Chamber of the Brothers of Italy Lollobrigida will be candidate for the presidency of Lazio

To conquer the colleges, you need (also) names of outsiders, characters as well as personalities. And after the Covid term, how can we not think of virologists, faces of TV for two years? In fact much courted, disputed by the Brothers of Italy and the Renzians, it would be Matteo Bassetti. Which, after all, had provocatively risked a reading of the vote, at the administrative offices last October, as a victory for scientists over the no vax movements.

At the first requests, Bassetti would have replied no. However very interested – declared it himself in an interview with Free – to cover the role of Minister of Health as a technician, he could think again. FdI, which in the legislature that is about to close has 58 parliamentarians (21 senators and 37 deputies) could move to occupy triple the seats in the next one. It therefore needs, in addition to faces, exponents loyal to the line, especially after the coalition agreement, reached yesterday, which provides that the number 2 of Giorgia Meloni, Francesco Lollobrigida, will try to win the presidency of Lazio.

The leader will collect the new recruits especially from Municipalities and Regions, but also seeks old glories and children of art. Giuseppe Consolo, born in 1948, for a long time in parliament with An, father of the actress Nicoletta Romanoff, belongs to the first category, Sergio Rastrelli, son of Antonio, popular president of Campania and also undersecretary of the Berlusconi government in 1994, to the second.

On the contrary, in the League whoever has a seat, in Europe or in local authorities, already has it warmly invited to postpone the ambitions of moving to Rome. Objective to ensure the outgoing. Simone Pillon, Edoardo Rixi and Giulia Bongiorno had recent reassurances. The former journalist Maria Giovanna Maglie will probably be nominated by the Carroccio. But the accounts are struggling to return, above all because Meloni claims more colleges than the allies even in the northern regions (with the exception of Veneto and Lombardy).

And as for downsizing, in Forza Italia there are certainly the major concerns. Silvio Berlusconi takes time on his candidacy: We’ll see. He could compete with the college that covers the territory of Monza, the city of which he owns the football team, as well as being leaders in the proportional. The challenge, in general, to keep as many outgoing people as possible: there are 123. Not in question seems to be the confirmation of the President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Casellati.

In one of the 11 or 13 (negotiations are still ongoing) single-member constituencies assigned from the coalition to the centrists of Maurizio Lupi and Giovanni Toti, the former candidate for mayor of Naples Catello Maresca could compete. The multi-member list could also hold together Coraggio Italia di Brugnaro and UDC di Cesa, to more easily overcome the barrier. The outgoing students will have to find a place there including Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of Health for NcI, Marco Marin, elected with FI and now leader of the training led by the president of Liguria, Italy in the center, Gaetano Quagliariello, a long-time parliamentarian, who of Toti the deputy.

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