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Scott Beatty, co-author of Batgirl: Year Onecommented on Warner Bros Discovery’s decision to completely forgo distribution of Batgirl.

Beatty posted a post on her blog to talk about her enthusiasm for the project, knowing that it would be largely inspired by her work. She then spoke of the disappointment in hearing the news:

According to today’s shocking news, the film is in the process of FULL burial, which makes little sense for a nearly $ 90 million project ready. Trashing a complete film, in post-production, and apparently unproblematic from a creative point of view, seems like a very expensive waste. Variety’s suggestion as to “true” why the film will be swept under the rug makes even less sense. But in all honesty I’m not a Hollywood executive, so that there are “taxes” behind it seems to me as possible as everything else.

He then pointed out that this is not the first time this has happened:

Years ago WB animation director Lauren Montgomery was working with Batman animated series guru Bruce Timm to make a cartoon of BATGIRL: YEAR ONEbut the unsatisfactory results of the animated film’s WONDER WOMAN (many years before Gal Gadot’s stunning Amazon debut) prevented that BATGIRL: YEAR ONE got the green light.

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