Batman: all the bat man’s bikes

Will the Bat Man ever have an end? To date it seems really difficult to believe, given that yet another chapter of the saga was released in 2022 with Robert Pattinson as the protagonist e Zoë Kravitz in those of Catwoman. Although the first episode has now turned 80, however, the directors who have taken turns directing the film have always known how to renew the story of Gotham City with elements now immense, now decidedly smaller. In The Batman, for example, the superhero is finally sitting astride a two-wheeler with real features after all. So let’s find out how they evolved motorcycle Of Batman over time.

Batpod: Batman’s motorcycle until 2012

Since when Batman drives motor steeds, the motorcycle on which the bat man performed part of his evolutions has always been the Batpods. However, until 2012 (year de The Dark Knight Rises Of Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale) two-wheel enthusiasts have always turned up their noses a little, given that the vehicle was built according to completely illogical parameters to achieve thrilling performance. Sure, when it comes to superheroes you can’t expect everything to be realistic, but with motorcycles – perhaps – the writers have really gone too far.

There Batpods driven by the bat man, in fact, it was a huge two-wheeler, with disproportionate tires and an infinite wheelbase: in short, the complete opposite of how a motorcycle should have been to be really fast and agile. Not only that: these characteristics would make the vehicle difficult (if not impossible) to handle on the road in real life. Spectacularity was therefore preferred to functionality and verisimilitude: the Batpods it has always made its scene, so much so that any spectator, looking at it, wanted to own one to show off on the streets of the city.



Batman’s motorcycles: a turn towards reality

With the return of Batman on the big screen last year, however, things have definitely changed. Matt Rives (the director of The Batman) has in fact decided to give his superhero at least credible means, giving Bruce Wayne a normal car and motorbike: the first is a muscle car with stars and stripes, probably inspired by the Interceptor of the series Mad Max; the second, on the other hand, has a mechanical structure taken from reality, but skilfully hidden behind a body capable of guaranteeing great levels of spectacularity at the same time. The wheelbase has become manageable, the semi-handlebars have become sloping and the position is decidedly unbalanced forward; the swingarm stands out thanks to a contained tail, albeit covered to standardize its design; finally, the rest of the elements are wrapped in a fake cover capable of bewitching the inexperienced eyes of the spectators.

What bike does Batman ride in 2022?

True enthusiasts of two wheels and speed, on the contrary, have tried to find out which one motorcycle hid under the stage costume. It seems, then, that the chosen model is the Fat Bob from the Harley Davidson, a motorcycle halfway between a café racer and a muscle bike, which could easily fit into the fictitious bodywork. The inclination of the fork and the steerer tube are in fact similar, as are the length of the wheelbase, the dimensions of the rear wheel and the circumference of the discs. It is also probable, however, that the motorbike of the last Batman it is not the adaptation of a two-wheeler actually on sale, but rather a vehicle built ad hoc for the film, or at least modified in this sense; the frame, however, was certainly made for the superhero, and this makes the investigation even more difficult.



Catwoman’s motorcycle

Even the vehicle on which the Catwoman Of The Batman aroused the interest of all spectators. In this case, however, the director played less hide-and-seek, allowing a glimpse of the real pimped model in a superhero version. It is in fact the Cherry’s Company Highway Fighter Of Kaichiroh Kurosu, commissioned directly by the screenwriters. Unfortunately, those who intended to evaluate the purchase will have to give up on his dream: the two-wheeler is a unique piece that is impossible to find in a dealership.

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