Batman Robert Pattinson

Christian Bale, who played the role of Batman in the Nolan trilogy, said he approved of Robert Pattinson’s choice for the role in the new film.

Batman will be interpreted by Robert Pattinson in the new film, and Christian Bale agreed with the choice made by the producers. “It’s a good choice, he’s an interesting actor,” said Bale. “I’m sure something good will come of it.”

When asked if he had any suggestions for Robert Pattinson, Christian Bale said: “Oh, the same thing I said to Ben Affleck: make sure you can go to the bathroom alone. You don’t feel much like a superhero if you don’t you can pee. “

In fact, Pattinson reported that he had quite a few problems wearing the Batman costume for his audition, so much so that he needed the help of as many as five people to carry out the operation: a rather humiliating thing.

The new Batman movie will make its debut in American theaters on June 25, 2021.

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