Batman Robert Pattinson

In a new piece published by Variety, Robert Pattinson recounted the frantic hours he experienced before being cast for the role of Batman.

After months of silence, Robert Pattinson spoke publicly about the casting leak that saw him involved in the role of Bruce Wayne in the new Batman movie.

The official arrived last May 31, but anticipations in this regard had already leaked with a couple of weeks in advance. Interviewed by Variety, the British actor said that when rumors emerged on the web, in reality, the auditions had not yet taken place.

“When that thing leaked out, I was bloody furious,” Pattinson said. “Everyone was so angry. Everyone in my team was in a panic. I thought it would end up throwing it all over.”

Pattinson explained that he had been following the role of Batman for a long time, more precisely since he was told that Reeves’ script was focused on a younger version of Bruce Wayne. “I had Batman on my mind for a while. It’s such an absurd thing to say. I had the idea of ​​doing it and was putting pressure on Matt. He didn’t accept any incitement. I kept asking him to meet him.”

Reeves agreed to meet Pattinson only after completing the script, but with the casting leak, the actor feared he would lose the chance of a lifetime. “It was terrifying,” he recalls, explaining that he feared that the production was careful about the secrecy of the information not yet revealed and could decide to entrust the part to someone else.

confirmed as Batman five days after his audition. The news arrived at him during the first day of filming on the set of Tenet, the new film by Christopher Nolan. Speaking of the reaction of the batman fans, he noted that the comments were less harsh than he expected. “To be honest, it was less vitreous than I expected. It’s a lot more fun when you’re an underdog. There is no expectation about you.”

We remind you that the Batman release is scheduled for June 25, 2021.

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