Battery replacement instead of charging. Already next year in Europe

NIO is a Chinese manufacturer of electric cars that has remarkably solved the issue of powering its vehicles. While most companies focus on permanent batteries and external power supplies, NIO has built a network of high-speed battery replacement stations in China.

When our car is running out of electricity, all you have to do is drive to the NIO station, where you will get a fully charged battery in a few minutes. Quick swap seems like a great alternative to charging. Unfortunately, it also has a lot of disadvantages & hairsp; – & hairsp; only applies to specific structures adapted to such a process, and the station infrastructure is not very extensive.

However, this may change soon. The Chinese NIO has signed an agreement with the Shell petrol station network under which similar points are to be established in Europe. Nobody is talking about specific numbers yet. And rightly so, because NIO products that could be operated in this way are not yet very common on the Old Continent.

The company has just started distributing the first models in Norway. It can therefore be assumed that the first stations for quick battery replacement will be built there. However, the Chinese are also planning expansion to other important European markets, and with it, the expansion of the network with the help of Shell. We are waiting impatiently to see how it works in practice.

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