Battlefield 2042, a Key Feature Could Be a Problem

Will storms be a blessing for the new EA shooter?

On the occasion of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase in June, the gameplay of Battlefield 2042EA’s new war FPS, was shown.

The next episode of the series developed by DICE will almost certainly be able to compete in the same league as its direct competitor, namely that Call of Duty Warzone still very much played by millions of users.

This, coupled with the fact that DICE LA recently announced that it will change its name to Ripple Effect Studios and that it will work on a “player-inspired experience for Battlefield 2042 “, as well as a second game, still top-secret.

In addition to a huge number of players and a futuristic setting, the game will have a key element that will make Battlefield 2042 truly unique: the weather.

The fury of the elements has in fact been advertised as a turning point, even if on balance it could turn into a double-edged sword.

The weather events of Battlefield 2042 seem to bring a lot of destruction to the playing field, especially tornadoes.

By sucking in scenario objects, vehicles, and the players themselves, the air storms seem to be able to tear apart the elements of the scenario with extreme ease.

While many fans are looking forward to trying this mechanic, it looks like Battlefield 2042’s storms may run out of potential after a while.

The well-known insider Tom Henderson (via GameRant ) has in fact announced that the spectacle of these scenic moments vanishes after only a handful of matches.

Henderson, certainly an extremely knowledgeable person on the subject, then collides with the comments of other players who have defined the tornadoes as ” fun and fantastic “.

This, probably, is true for the first time you meet them, since with the passing of the games they can become too repetitive, even going so far as to ruin the experience as they would break the rhythm and tactics of the players too much.

In any case, it will be very interesting to see how DICE responds to feedback, obviously including that of users opposed to the idea that a tornado can “ruin” their games.

It is also true that the wait for the new episode is really high since only a few weeks ago the Battlefield IV servers were clogged shortly after the reveal of the new chapter.

But not only that: have you already read that Daniel Berlin, design director of the game, has revealed that the particularity of the maps promises really great things?

Finally, speaking of the shooter series competing with that of EA, we remind you that the next update of Call of Duty Warzone could include a very problematic skin.

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