Battlefield 2042 among the worst rated games on Steam •

Fans are full of criticism.

Yesterday, Battlefield 2042 officially debuted. The production, however, does not enjoy a good reputation on Steam, where it is one of the worst rated games.

Currently, user reviews of the shooter on Valve’s platform are ?? mostly negative ??. In total, just over 26,000 people responded, of which only 24 percent positively.

According to the ranking prepared by Steam250, Battlefield 2042 is currently the eighth worst-rated game in the digital store. But that’s not all, because only eFootball 2022 had a worse result among the titles released this year.

Players are complaining about the balance of vehicles

The worst Battlefield I have ever played. This creation has nothing to do with the Battlefield series. Basic mechanics are missing, and there are more oddities than gameplay. A simple jump to the cash register ?? – writes a certain Maskyy (original spelling).

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?? It is a scandal and a disappointment this year that the game is in such a technical condition, bugs, glitches, bugs and glitches everywhere, 3 years since the last BFa, several development studios, no campaign to focus only on the multiplayer (…) and they want such prices for it, even Cyberpunk cost PLN 200 for the premiere ?? – echoes Hytrus55PL (original spelling).

?? This game was designed with sales in mind, not gameplay. Instead of focusing on gameplay, they put all their efforts into elements such as useless weather effects and a completely unnecessary scale of skirmishes to use it in the promotion of the title. And because of the absurd scale of the battles, they threw as many vehicles as possible into the game without thinking about balancing them ?? – convinces Mr Nobody.

Others share a list of missing items that is circulating on social media. It should be noted that Steam is not the only service where Battlefield 2042 receives low ratings – similarly to Metacritic, where the average score for the PC shooter from users is 2.3.

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