Battlefield 2042 at the expense of the new NFS? It wasn’t a wise decision for EA

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to be groundbreaking. It was supposed to offer a war on a huge scale with a dense, unique atmosphere. This game was supposed to be the best shooter on the market. What happened, every fan of video games knows perfectly well. Unfortunately, the latest production of EA DICE is criticized by players and, worst of all, in most situations – in my opinion – right negative opinions.

Beta wasn’t that bad …

My adventure with Battlefield 2042 was quite unstable, because after seeing the beta with one game mode and one map, I was positive until the November premiere. Reports from the network suggested that the tests are based on an older version of the production, which in the end did not look as bad as most malcontents felt right after the start of the games.

I had a few battles in the beta and they gave me a lot of satisfaction from fighting in Orbital. Satisfaction with shooting new enemies on distant, well-presented areas (I remember best the first whirlwinds, which changed tactics and influenced the operation of the interface) poured out at every step and I kept my fingers crossed for the next modes, new maps and the rest of the specialists from the full version kept the same, and best offered an even higher level.

… but the final version of the game leaves a lot to be desired

In the end, I spent over 30 hours with a full-fledged Battlefield 2042. Honestly speaking, I do not regret it because I do not consider this time to be wasted. Contrary to popular opinion, having fun in the shooter released a few weeks ago is fun – especially in Battlefield Portal, where we can create our own games. However, large-scale clashes are much worse compared to the beta, because with each match I am convinced that no one plays here as a team. You respawn at the point of your choice, you run into the zone taken over by the opponents, at best you kill the opponent, and after a while you die. Over and over again. The lack of cooperation is glaring and I think it is in a way caused by the number of specialists whose skills, unfortunately, allow for this, and not another, style of play that I want more.

The situation is similar in the Hazard Zone, which in addition has an ill-considered progression system. Taking part in games that focus on capturing random data disks is the biggest sin that can be committed while playing Battlefield 2042. We come to the point where the only salvation is the Battlefield Portal. The community creates really interesting games and in recent days I take part only in non-standard variants of clashes (and these are very creative, because I even came across a server resembling a war simulator, something similar to ARMY 3), which give me the most fun. In my life, I wouldn’t have thought that I would witness a situation where players are more creative than the creators on such important issues.

Battlefield 2042 also suffers from mistakes that are unforgivable in an online shooter. The worst part about it is that these are bugs that I didn’t experience in the October testing period. Looking at the feedback from players, I noticed that I am not the only one who thinks the beta was more stable than the full game. Why did this happen? We will probably never find out.

Looking at the BF 2042, the lack of a new NFS hurts

After the whole scandalous premiere of Battlefield 2042, it pains me that Electronic Arts has devoted one project, important to me, for the EA DICE shooter. It is dealt with by Criterion Games, which was – probably – forced to stop work on the new Need for Speed ​​in order to help Swedish developers. Not only did we not receive a new version of the racing series in 2020, because “Elektronicy” changed the team that oversees the series, but in 2021 the publisher only bet on BF2042.

Some will say that we got Forza Horizon 5, F1 2021 this year, and GRID Legends or Gran Turismo 7 are about to debut, but me, a die-hard fan of the above-mentioned EA brand, misses Need for Speed ​​very much. With each new installment of the brand you can smell the rubber burned on the lights, there is always a wonderful atmosphere of illegal street races in the air, and bad words can not say even about the newest, more extensive fictional stories, which personally encouraged me to take part in the next competition and unlocking new cars. In the installment with the subtitle Heat, the main plot was quite decent – of course for this genre of games.

The only positive of EA’s decision is that Criterion Games will have more time to polish their product. I put great hope in it and I hope that in the most important aspects of this type of games it will be a breakthrough in its own way. And it would be fitting to finally give up the previous generation consoles, which I think will slowly become a standard in items released in 2022 – because if not in the coming months, when?

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