Battlefield 2042: The Devs Wrong; EA DICE in the heat of employee criticism

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November 19, 2021, 22:03

Former and current EA DICE employees regularly describe the conditions in the company. Their testimonials somewhat explain the poor technical condition and flaws in the mechanics of Battlefield 2042, which was launched today.


  • critical opinions of former and current EA DICE employees testify to the poor management in the company, which contributed to the bad condition Battlefield 2042;
  • developers accuse team leaders, incl. shutting down constructive criticism, making thoughtless decisions and sticking to them constrained, or manipulating data;
  • the vision of the game was not to be created on the basis of how the gameplay could be improved, but on what could be monetized.

Battlefield 2042 didn’t have an easy start. Today’s debut shooter by EA DICE, in a way, shares the fate of Call of Duty: Vanguard and GTA: The Trilogy The Definitive Edition and met with sharp criticism from players. What went wrong? If you want to know, I refer you to our previous message. Here we will try to understand the reasons for this state of affairs and help us in this former and current employees of the development team, whose certificates published on the web over the last two years they partly explain the poor grades collected by the newest one BF.

It is not without reason that I wrote employees, and not the creators themselves, who are interested in admitting that what they have been doing in recent years can hardly be called creation. The developers’ creativity was to be strongly tempered by the people in charge who had their own vision of the game and how players would approach it remained deaf to the constructive criticism of numerous subordinates who argued that production was going in the wrong direction. As a current EA DICE employee with five years of experience will write:

Leaders don’t want to hear any feedback that isn’t positive []. Ignore all red flags instead [ang. red flags; idiom oznaczajcy zgaszane wskazwki, ostrzeenia i potencjalne problemy dop. red.]people wave at them. He’s just saying corporate slogans and pretending everything’s okay.

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An interesting case of the latter behavior was reported back in 2020 by former EA DICE employee Johann Gerell (see screen above). He was supposed to report the stupid decision made on the Battlefield 1 design on the company’s internal hut, along with the question of whether any of the designers were playing the game. In response, he reportedly learned that people to whom he addresses his words may feel sorry to read them. The developers, in particular, blame new assumptions for this state of affairs, which began to take over the legacy at the turn of 2017 and 2018. As we read in another opinion:

Cronyism and nepotism are huge problems []. What features will go into the game or be given the right time to implement doesn’t depend on how to improve your production, but who supports you. This is problematic because the current leadership, or rather the pair at the top, is obsessed with realizing their own vision at the expense of everything else.

What was dictated by this vision? Of course with money. Basically a desire to maximize your income by monetizing everything. The first person quoted in this message directly stated that DICE has irretrievably become a studio of Electronic Arts and a kind of tambour for the series Battlefieldand people with passion, innovating and focusing on quality, which made up the strength of the older games in this series, have become just a memory.

The exoskeleton of one of the most innovative studios in the world will remain []. Almost the same productions released every two years are no longer BFs, and only their substitute signed by EA. It does not seek ways to improve the gameplay, but by introducing more and more monetization, it dictates the direction in which the game should be developed.

An example of such a bad decision may be the words of Patrick Sderlund (see screen below), former CEO of EA DICE, who, around the premiere of Battlefield 3, stated that already then, battles for 128 players were tested. However, it was found that they were not much fun, and creating battles for more than 64 people just doesn’t make sense. Meanwhile, one of the main novelties of St. Battlefield 2042 It turned out to be a game for 128 players.



EA DICE employees also accuse leaders of manipulating data, for example by carefully selecting the opinions of a handful of enthusiastic social media players, and then convincing everyone that it is the majority’s vote. in addition the bosses have do not respect results achieved by subordinates, granting promotions on the basis of seniority in the industry, and not real skills.

Developers also complain about the instability of the Frostbite engine, which still breaks down, but this seems to be the least significant problem. It seems that if nothing changes in EA DICE, the premiere of another one BF-a in two years, right? it may turn out to be even more controversial than in the case of the latest installment of the series. And if you want a more informal topic, I recommend watching the video below.

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