Battlefield may get a free version. EA mentions a free-2-play game

DICE focuses on the premiere of Battlefield 2042, but the developers may in the future develop the game on the free-2-play business model. Electronic Arts wants to expand the brand, and the CEO says the free version may make sense.

DICE is preparing for the great premiere of the new shooter, so recently developers have been eager to show new shots from Battlefield 2042. The creators presented new specialists, allowed us to look at more materials from the Battlefield Portal, but we can be sure that the best is yet to come.

The Swedes can think about the next step that Andrew Wilson mentioned at the meeting with investors. EA’s CEO stated that It would be “sensible” to introduce free-2-play components to the entire Battlefield ecosystem.

At the beginning, the creators were given the task of rediscovering the “shooters again” with the help of 128-person gameplay, but the next steps are Battlefield Mobile and could be Battlefield in a free-2-play business model:

“I think free-to-play will make sense as we think about further expanding these services, but that’s not what our focus is right now.” – Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA

DICE can choose a free-2-play mode for Battlefield 2042 or a standalone edition reminiscent of Call of Duty: Warzone. There are certainly several options – Electronic Arts realizes that free gameplay can encourage a paid game or small payments, so we will probably hear more about the potential project in the future.


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