Bay Leaves in the Refrigerator | Bay Leaves in the Refrigerator: Grandma’s Remedy to Solve Big Kitchen Problems Forever

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Place a bay leaf under the wardrobe: a remedy followed by more and more people (the results are noticeable)advertise.

this one piece Laurel has endless uses for cleaning.In our decorating section you will find different home tips featuring this plant that will help you end some Big problem in your home.


Today we’re going to talk to you about the uses of bay leaves in the kitchen. In addition to flavoring dishes and giving them a delicious taste, this leaf can also help you get rid of bad smells in your refrigerator.To do this, you just need Moisten the leaves of this plant and place it on a stand. this Will absorb unpleasant odors And it will emit a nice aroma.

this way, Economical and simple, you can use it in any space in your home: closets, drawers, or rooms that produce bad odors, such as the bathroom. Also, this will help a lot if you have a smoker in your home.

Other tips for getting rid of refrigerator odors

  • A split lemon. You can put some fragrant cloves to give them a scent.
  • baking soda or charcoal. Place a container with a small amount of the product in the refrigerator to eliminate odors.
  • Bread crumbs with vinegar. Place the bread crumbs and vinegar on a plate in the refrigerator.

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Put a bay leaf under your pillow: a solution more and more people are doing (and rightly so)

If the smell persists, it may be because some of the food is in poor condition, so it’s a good idea to start deep cleaning your equipment:

  • extract All food in the refrigerator and check its condition.
  • Clean Clean the refrigerator thoroughly with disinfecting products.
  • wash And all the containers and packaging in the refrigerator.
  • If your refrigerator has an air filter, Check if cleaning or replacement is needed Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

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