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The extensive TVP VOD library offers spectacular, top-quality BBC productions. Particularly noteworthy are the series of costumes, realized on a large scale – with tasteful creations and scenery, and attention to reflect the realities of the epoch. Below are the titles loved by viewers and appreciated by critics, which you can find at


Mini-series, winner of many awards, considered the best adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, one of the BBC’s greatest successes. The action of the series takes place in England at the beginning of the 19th century and focuses on the fate of the five Bennet sisters. The lady of the house is looking forward to getting all her daughters married, especially since after the possible death of Mr. Bennet, the modest family fortune is to be inherited by an unpleasant cousin. Reflections on power, conventions and the importance of social position and the unforgettable roles of Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.


The beautiful, intelligent and wealthy Emma Woodhouse (Romola Garai) is convinced of her matchmaking talent after her sister and governess marry valuable gentlemen. Despite the doubts of Mr. Knightley (Jonny Lee Miller) that she had nothing to do with the success of these relationships, Emma takes on another assignment … Jane Austen’s award-winning comedy masterpiece, with an excellent cast in a refreshed, witty, and brilliant adaptation of Jim O ‘Hanlon.

Adaptation of the famous work of Victor Hugo, starring Dominic West (“Chicago”, “300”, “John Carter”), David Oyelowo (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, “Butler”) and Lily Collins (“The Priest”). Set in France in the time of social unrest, the plot revolves around the story of Jean Valjean – a former convict who cannot escape the nightmares of the past. His nemesis is Javert, a sinister police officer and former prison guard who aims to bring Valjean to justice … Olivia Colman or Emma Fielding.


An award-winning, mysterious costume thriller and a colorful tale of obsession, demoralization, revenge and forgiveness. Adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens, in which a sequence of mysterious events forever changes the life of Pip – a young, orphaned boy. After a spine-chilling encounter with an escaped prisoner, Pip receives an invitation to the mansion of the eccentric Miss Havisham. There he makes a acquaintance with her foster daughter, an anonymous donor appears in his life, whose generosity opens the way to social advancement for the boy … Ray Winstone, Gillian Anderson, Vanessa Kirby and David Suchet.


Inspired by the novel by Emil Zola, the charming plot takes place in the scenery of the Victorian splendor of the first department store in Great Britain. It tells about the professional career of a young Scottish woman who, as a novice saleswoman, must quickly find herself in an atmosphere full of intrigue, romance and a struggle for power. When the shop owner pays attention to her talents, the clever girl realizes how much she can achieve with them … A perfectly told love story, a story of ambition and progress with a dark mystery in the background.

Film adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel. Sanditon is once a sleepy fishing village that is turning into a trendy resort. The spontaneous girl from the provinces – Charlotte Haywood – also changes with the town – she gives up the rural idyll to lead a life full of intrigues and romance. She discovers herself and finds love on her own terms. Starring Rose Williams (“Teen Maria Stuart”, “Medici: Masters of Florence”), Theo James (“Incompatible”, “Underworld: Blood Wars”). We have a Polish accent here – the author of the pictures is Maja Zamojda from Poland (daughter of cinematographer and director Jarosław Żamojda), known for such productions as “Wielka”, “Cormoran Strike” and “Spanish Princess”.


The classic novel by Leo Tolstoy presented in a bold, spectacular and modern adaptation by leading British television authors. Love and war, life and death are intertwined in this epic story set during the Russo-Napoleonic conflict. Starring the viewers’ favorites: Lily James, Paul Dano, James Norton.


Adaptation of Jane Austen’s last novel. As a 19-year-old Anna Elliot (played by Oscar winner Sally Hawkins) fell in love with a sailor, Captain Frederick Wentworth. However, she succumbed to the persuasion of her relatives and broke the engagement. When Anna meets the captain again eight years later, her feelings revive and she begins to reflect on her independence. But is it not too late to regain your former love?


A brilliant and dynamic series by screenwriter Mike Bartlett (including “Doktor Foster”) showing the professional and private life of journalists employed in the editorial offices of two rival newspapers – “The Post” and “The Herald”. Under the constant pressure of the 24-hour news cycle, passionate professionals will do their best to get to the bottom of the topics. They hold people of power to account and turn ordinary people’s lives into headlines, but will they be able to face the truth about themselves? Engaging creations were created by, among others Charlotte Riley (including “Wichrowe Wzgórza”) and Ben Chaplin (including “The Thin Red Line”, “Dorian Gray”).


A criminal drama with a psychological thread. Held by a madman for 13 years in a basement, a young girl escapes to freedom. He must now adapt to life outside and face the demons of the past. Her return is also the beginning of new questions, because it quickly turns out that Ivy is not telling the whole truth … An intricately woven story with the excellent Jodie Comer (including “Eve’s Obsession”), Valene Kane (“Rogue One Star Wars – stories “,” The Fall “) and Richard Rankin (” Outlander “).


After receiving tragic news about the family, 30-year-old Mark returns to the family home. He has always had a difficult relationship with his parents, his grandmother Betty took his room, he does not know his teenage sister Jodie practically, Alice – her first love, managed to get married and become a mother. As Mark struggles with his new circumstances, he notices that the mysterious Inspector Frank of the local police unit has more to do with his family than it may seem. Slowly, the man realizes that Renton is a town full of secrets where everyone knows more than he does …


Maya, one of the best lawyers in London, is set to become the first dark-skinned chief prosecutor. Unfortunately, just as her life is about to be put under scrutiny, the woman discovers that her husband has cheated on her for the past 20 years. At the same time, the case that has been the axis of her career so far is to be resolved. A complex corrupt network of connections between the police, the press and politicians unfolds before Maya. Suspenseful mini-series with an Oscar nominee for her role in “Hotel Rwanda” by Sophie Okonedo.

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