BBVA trains over 50,000 employees in data in just five years

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Checking Account Movement Categorizer or personalized suggestions to improve savings efficiency are some of the functionalities BBVA data scientists and engineers have developed to rapidly improve the banking experience and financial health of their customers. In order to keep this talent permanently updated with the latest advancements in its field, the Bank provides Data University, A program of over 9,000 hours of self-training as well as collaboration with universities and other educational organizations.

“The Data University allows us to offer our data scientists high-level internal and external training on ‘Machine Learning’, Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics, which competes internationally with specialization courses from the most cutting-edge universities and schools, ” they tell. Marco Bonilla, Head of the Advanced Analytics Community of Practice at BBVA. “In addition, we also have a training offering for business professionals to help them address challenges in their sectors from a data perspective.” In just five years since its launch, 900 data scientists have trained with Data University and 50,000 employees have completed one of the program’s courses, of whom 2,000 have completed advanced-level training.

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Data University centralizes its training at the campus BBVA Corporate University. “On this platform we offer everything from advanced courses, such as a Data Scientist certification created in collaboration with the University of Navarra, to more introductory training, such as the ‘Data Scientist Fundamentals’ initiation course in collaboration with Telefónica, aimed at data is for professionals, says Marco Bonilla, who enjoys the notion of automatic learning for business programming, statistics or finance. Can create solutions to challenges.”

The bank has also signed collaboration agreements with several universities and organizations to provide high level external training to its data professionals. Thus, with the University of Navarra, BBVA employees with training in mathematics or programming can take a master’s degree in Big Data Science, the first official master’s degree of its kind in Spain, or complete an industrial doctorate in this field of knowledge Are. In addition, they also have the opportunity to complete a Master in Data Science at the Universidad Panamericana (Mexico).

On the other hand, through an agreement with the Carlos III University of Madrid, The bank offers its data scientists various courses related to machine learning and natural language processing, and Introductory Programming Languages ​​for Your Data Specialists. Courses are specific to BBVA, with content tailored to the specific needs of its experts.

The virtuous circle of data science at BBVA

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BBVA has also signed an agreement With the GetSmarter platform, which offers courses from international educational institutions such as the London School of Economics, MIT Management Executive Education or the universities of Yale, Stanford and Oxford. The courses range from data analysis to regulation and operation of the most sophisticated programming languages ​​along with its application in certain fields.

The offering is completed with over 200 handpicked Coursera courses, access to exclusive publications from the prestigious O’Reilly publisher, master classes, ‘datathons’ and, for newcomers, assignments from Data Soulmate, a mentor who recently I guide it. Graduates who join the Bank through the B Talent program in their first phase.

“The three principles of data science are doing analytics, learning new knowledge, and contributing, that is, sharing that knowledge”, Bonilla says. With Data University, we strengthen the second of them within the organization and provide them with continuous training with our professionals that keeps their knowledge permanently updated. And by taking this science to all levels of the organization, we make this program a key lever in making BBVA a true ‘data driven’ organization, a financial entity guided by data.

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