be careful if you play sports there is a risk that should not be underestimated

If you enjoy running and your body needs Vitamin D the most, know that there is a risk. Here because

We often talk about how important a correct and lasting exposure to the sun is to receive the right amount of Vitamin D.. However, if you enjoy running and your body needs Vitamin D the most, know that there is a risk that needs to be carefully considered.

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According to the research, in fact, many athletes have incredibly high rates of deficiency of this important vitamin, which can lead to important consequences, such as bone fractures. Here, explained the reason for this phenomenon.

If you like running, watch out for Vitamin D

Running is one of the most popular sports in our country, not only at a competitive level. In fact, let’s all reorganize the controversies surrounding the famous figures of the “runner”During the first heavy lockdown. Therefore, it is important, in order to best cultivate this passion, to have the right information in terms of health.

If you love to run, in fact, you may have problems regarding the intake of Vitamin D. Many know the phenomenon of stress fracturea condition caused most of the times due to the vitamin D deficiency. This nutrient, in fact, is able to absorb calcium and phosphorus, very important elements for the correct maintenance of bones.

According to some recent studies, there is a particularly evident insufficiency of the minimum levels of Vitamin D among the athletes. This is therefore considered a real risk factor for a stress fracture, which can also be caused by one untreated stress reaction.

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It is indeed possible to make one classification of stress injuries, based on their diagnosis. Among which:

  • Late (it is a stress fracture);
  • Early (stress reaction).

According to the research conducted, stress fractures would have a decisive impact on about the 20% of athletes, amateurs and professionals. In fact, the importance of a correct intake of vitamin D in the nutrition of athletes was highlighted.

According to the information collected, in fact, only 1% of the population he suffers from stress fractures, an impressive figure considering that about 20% of athletes, on the other hand, suffer from them.

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