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Cheese is a food that many people like but unfortunately it is not always good for you; indeed, in some cases it can even cause disease.

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The cheese it is a food rich in properties, just think that it is an important source of phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D. Fundamental for the development of bones, it is recommended for children but also for the elderly, since they are more exposed to the risk of decalcification of the bones.

But did you know that cheese can also cause some diseases? This condition obviously depends on the physical characteristics of each individual. But it can be useful to know when the consumption of cheese is not recommended.

What happens if you eat too much cheese? The diseases

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Including always different foods in your diet is important to fill up on different nutrients, but it is also true that you must not exceed the quantities, especially if you are a subject at risk. When we talk about cheese, for example, you have to be careful because excessive consumption of this product, along with another one full of fat and salt, can lead to a risk of hypertension or high cholesterol.

Salt is therefore the problem, so much so that the World Health Organization has stated that 2.5 million deaths could be avoided every year if salt were consumed at a reduced level. Just sticking to below 5g per day will lower your blood pressure. A condition that contributes to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The high consumption of cheese can then increase the cholesterol, as this food has a strong calorie content and is high in fat. However, cholesterol is not always bad: it is good when it helps in the production of hormones and cells; but it can be bad if it reaches high levels, which lead to heart disease such as stroke and heart attack.

Eating too much cheese is also not recommended because it could also cause digestive problems and intestinal swelling. So, now that you know why cheese could be harmful to your body, try not to abuse it because as you have seen the effects can be dangerous.

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