Be careful, Shakira! Photo in bikini without photoshop comes to light and breaks networks


Shakira is one of the singers that fans love most. The focus of the cameras focuses on it, whether to see what it does or to criticize it.

Recently a new photo of the singer left her exposed. It is an image where the famous appears in a bathroom.

In the images, you can see that the Barranquilla is wearing a red bikini. The photo does not carry anything from photoshop, as fans have pointed out.

Next to her look, the famous woman wears a pareo the same colour as a bikini With this she manages to cover her body a little, however, it is not enough to avoid showing her figure.

Reactions in social networks about the photo

Some of her fans pointed out that the singer is not in the best way in that picture. Those who saw her believe that her body could look firmer. There are those who even compared it with Jennifer Lopez. It is worth remembering that JLo has shown a body with a spectacular figure.

Other comments have indicated that the singer looks great. That with everything and her pregnancies, the singer can be spectacular. In addition, her talent, fame and attitude, is one of the things that most applaud.

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