Bearded Mary on the rainbow cover of queer magazine. This is the LGBT ambassador to the European Union, Riccardo Simonetti. Internet users outraged

“How else could the rainbow community, famous for its tolerance, celebrate Advent, if not with a blasphemous provocation,” outraged Internet users commented on the latest cover of the German queer magazine “Siegessäule Magazin”, which featured a special LGBTQ ambassador to the European Parliament. Activist Riccardo Simonetti poses on it for the role of the bearded Mother of God, and the Holy Family is presented as a same-sex couple. “Very boldly, now we are waiting for the transsexual Muhammad,” commenters add.

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Riccardo Simonetti is a Berlin-based activist and European Union goodwill ambassador dealing with the LGBT community.

Homosexual Holy Family. The EU ambassador is shocking

The man appeared on the cover of the December issue of “Siegessäule Magazin”, a German magazine for queer circles. He poses for photos with thick stubble on his face, in a white robe and a blue veil on his head, holding a doll depicting Jesus in his hands. The whole thing clearly refers to the figure of Mary.

The more that in another of the photos Simonetti appears with another man, a the photo in rainbow colors symbolizes the homosexual Holy Family.

“If we ignore the fact that Jesus was not white, we can believe that Our Lady had a beard, why not?” – said the activist, publishing the cover session on the web. In his entry, he also accused the “global mainstream” of homophobia in the perception of people with AIDS.

Indignation at anti-Christian provocation

Internet users are outraged by the behavior of the LGBT ambassador to the European Parliament against Christians. In comments on social media, they protest against the blasphemous photo shoot.

One commenter challenges the activist to present himself as the “rainbow” Muhammad next time.

“If he had introduced Muhammad in the same way, Muslims from all over Europe would take to the streets. But they hate Christians and at the same time they fear and respect Muslims, so it will never happen, ”says another internet user.

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“I feel sorry for you that you have to resort to this kind of blasphemy to get attention. May the Lord have mercy on your soul, “writes another.

“Facebook should block it”

They also appeared calls for Simonetti to lose his role as EU LGBT ambassador.

The information on his website shows that became a special envoy on LGBT issues in the European Parliament in 2021.

In the comments under the transactivist’s post on Facebook, Internet users ask why they dare not laugh at their mother and add: “Show some respect if you expect it yourself.”

“It’s inappropriate, insulting and disrespectful. What happened to inclusiveness? I’m sure Christians or non-traditionalists are offended by this. It’s exactly the same as if someone posted homophobic content. The only difference is, in that case, Facebook would already have blocked the post and suspended the publisher’s account. And I believe that would be perfectly correct. So why has this image not yet been censored? ” – summarizes another commenter.

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