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Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game created in 2018 by indie studio Flow Games. This is a dynamic game that encourages players to cut blocks with lightsabers representing musical beats. Well, the player looks more like a warship from the Star Wars saga, with the blades cutting the objects.

There were great expectations around the game, not only because it is a VR title but mainly because it presents itself as a true salad of emotions and sensations to our senses. Of course, we had to try it and tell it all!

Light Sabers Making Music

Have you ever noticed that during the live concerts of all the elements of the band the drummer seems to be the one who is feeling the most beat and is having more fun with the music?

Yes, this is precisely what one might expect from this game. Did Beat Games succeed?


Beat Saber is a mix of emotions

Incredibly, Beat Saber is a difficult game that is easy to explain at the same time. This game is a kind of game stew, joining and mixing the delicious ingredients of others into a new and original recipe. If we do not see:

Beat Saber has the simple and addictive mechanics of Guitar Hero. That is, the game has music with rhythms that easily put us to dance and to move. But more … never being totally imperious so be it, dance is part of the game.

On the other hand, Beat Saber have … Sabers of Light. Brutal, especially for the young Padawans of this Galaxy. Using the Move controllers, the player has the feeling of wielding two lightsabers … and seeing them in their own hands, thanks to the VR.

What is better than a light to know? Two light sabers.

With both light sabers, the player’s task is to repeatedly have the satisfying sense of cutting cubes, reminding him a little bit about the Fruit Ninja game.

Therefore, Guitar Hero merged with Ninja Fruit. With lightsabers in the middle and blocks coming toward us at a frenetic pace. And all this with spectacular music. Here is the delicious mixture.

Yes! It is a crazy game and whose madness is assumed by the very own and welcome to whoever plays it.

Virtual reality makes it frenetic and delicious

Being a VR game is even crazier. This is because the player is right in the middle of the insane and rhythmic block-cutting sessions. So, after playing a minute, we just wondered how no one had remembered to do this before. It seems like such a simple and winning idea.

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For now, we have about 20 songs, which we will explore as we level up. We have the party mode specifically to play with friends.

As the difficulty increases, the blocks will appear more quickly. There are the blues and reds, indicating whether they should be destroyed with the right hand or the left, as they correspond with the colors of the lightsabers.

Much movement of arms and … brain

There are also walls that we have to divert and it is at this point that we find ourselves jumping and dancing to the rhythm of the music and cutting the cubes. There’s space in the house!

As for the cubes, they have an arrow that indicates the direction from which we should cut them. There are also cubes that have a ball instead of the arrow, which means they can be cut in any direction. At the most advanced levels, the arrows appear only for a little while and when it comes time to cut the cube, we have to remember where the arrow was.

Despite the simple mechanics, the game itself turns out to have a variable difficulty, according to the songs that we have to “cut”. However, it can be said that it is a simple casual game, relaxed and with a lot of rhythms in which everyone can enter and realize immediately. It is extremely accessible and fun.

Special note for all who may be thinking about nausea and related problems. In Beat Saber, there is no great feeling of movement, so even people who are sensitive to nausea during VR sessions will not have this problem in this game.

In a simple way, the best way to describe the game is that not only do we feel the beat, but we are also transported to a tunnel where we are simultaneously dancing and marking the beat, an authentic anti-stress therapy.

No pain, no gain

One of the missing points at the time we tested it was the absence of multiplayer. Actually, if something makes sense in Beat Saber is the existence of a multiplayer version, which has already been confirmed by the development team. – there is still no multiplayer?

Also worth noting is that it is expected soon to launch the expert + mode that promises more gain … but with … greater pain. In the next tweet we can see the same one to be tested:

After this release, the development team will also be preparing the much anticipated DLC with more songs.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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