Beat the Elden Ring world record, and it will be impossible to do better

Elden Ringthe latest soulslike produced by the team headed by Hidetaka Miyazakihas quickly become a real timeless cult.

Even more so than Dark Soulsthe game has entered the bowels of the fans, thanks to the fantasy atmosphere and the typical gameplay of FromSoftware titles.

After the most comical death ever, another player made a Guinness World Record feat, finishing the game in a truly record time.

Already yesterday we revealed how someone had taken less than three hours to get to the finish line, albeit in this case the impossible has really been achieved.

As reported by GamesRadar +a player of Elden Ring he just finished the game 59 minutes and 38 seconds.

Getting to the end of the game is already a noteworthy achievement, but doing it in such a short time proves a certainty skill and dedication in learning the secrets of the game.

YouTube channel LilAggy has in fact shared a video showing the miraculous feat: needless to say, the video includes heavy spoilers, so continue at your own risk.

No doubt there will be various speedrunners who will attempt to break this recordbut it remains to be seen whether anyone will manage to cross the finish line of Elden Ring faster than that (which seems very unlikely to us).

Soulslike has already become one of the best video games ever, which leaves open the fact that some daredevil gamer might really try it.

But not only: the game developed by From Software and produced by Bandai Namco has been discussed a lot, so much so that someone imagined what it would be like if it had been made with the typical interface of Ubisoft games.

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