Beata Deskur from “Klan” does not believe in a pandemic. Mocks vaccinations

There is no shortage of stars in Polish show business who do not believe in a pandemic. Despite the fourth wave and a resurgence in the incidence, they say the coronavirus is the flu. They talk loudly about not going to vaccinate and sniff around conspiracy theories. Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska informed Polsat News:

This is the record for the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. A week ago, there were 28 thousand. 380 new infections, yesterday the ministry informed about 19,000 74 newly infected people.

Beata Deskur does not believe in a pandemic

On the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health under one of the posts on vaccination, the screenwriter of “Father Mateusz” decided to take the floor. The media found her comment from last year.

You can find the rest of the article under the video:

The fact that the woman wrote the word pandemic in quotation marks may indicate that she does not believe in it. In the next section, she concluded that the coronavirus is ordinary flu.

The screenwriter in the entry admitted that she has not vaccinated or her children for a long time. She revealed her method of fighting disease.

“Since I do not vaccinate myself or my children – we are healthy, nothing has hurt us for years. We nip each infection in the bud with vitamin C, honey, garlic and ginger in two days” – she said.

She proudly stated that pharmaceutical companies would not profit from it.

Photo: Screen Facebook

Beata Deskur on vaccines

On Beata Deskur’s Facebook profile there are many entries in which the existence of the pandemic is undermined. There are also posts in which he ridicules vaccines, he is still eagerly commenting on the appeals of the Ministry of Health on Facebook.

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