Beatrice Valli lets everyone know what the doctors diagnosed her

After medical visits for a physical discomfort recently encountered, Beatrice Valli reveals to everyone what she was diagnosed with.

Beautiful and with a real social ‘army’ that follows her wherever she goes, Beatrice Valli is undoubtedly among the Italian influencers on the crest of the wave. The love story born with Marco Fantini in 2014 a Men and women it resulted in a dream marriage and two daughters. The couple made Italy dream and to date their journey is remembered as one of the most exciting in the history of the famous dating show.

Beatrice Valli what she was diagnosed with
Beatrice Valli medical diagnosis (Credits: Instagram)

Together with his wonderful family, which naturally also includes his eldest son Alexander, had only 16 years from the footballer Nicola Bovi, the former suitor often shares social shots that invariably get showers of likes and comments. Very active on Instagram, like all highly successful people on the web, she too sometimes happens to be attacked by so-called haters who do not spare criticism almost always without rhyme or reason.

It also happened on the occasion of his presence at the Venice Film Festival, where someone had to object to the participation of influencers in an event concerning ‘the seventh art’. “I challenge any person, if one day they should ever be invited to the Film Festival, such an important event, to say no to the invitation”, replied Beatrice, well aware that, like her other colleagues, she is too easy a target for criticisms of this kind.

In any case, in all these years, the relationship with his followers is increasingly close, so much so that he also wanted to share with them the medical diagnosis received recently.

Beatrice Valli, what was diagnosed: the influencer tells everything

After the International Film Festival held last month, fans were a little worried about the sudden absence from social networks of their darling. La Valli then wanted to inform everyone about her state of health. Indeed, in those days she had begun to warn of unusual dizziness that had prompted her to seek medical advice.

The diagnosis was “acute vestibular deficit,” as he explained in a post posted on Instagram. This disorder, better known as “labyrinthitis”, is the cause of a sudden interruption of the functioning of one or both of the peripheral vestibular systems. These have a fundamental task, namely that of manage balance, and are located in the ear. A virus or poor circulation of the capillaries of the labyrinth can determine this condition. In addition to dizziness, other possible symptoms can be nausea, pallor, vomiting.

La Valli, who fortunately is already in a clear recovery compared to a few weeks ago, had said she wanted to take a few days off and had also thanked her husband for his constant presence.

Beatrice Valli what she was diagnosed with
Beatrice Valli unexpected revelation (Credits: Instagram)

Have you already heard of acute vestibular deficit?

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