Beautiful advances today 21 of march: the betrayal of the Ridge?


In advances of today, Saturday, march 21 in the bold and the Beautiful, Ridge will be kissed, and Brooke will see everything. In the meantime, Douglas will be used by Taylor


In today’s episode on Saturday 21 march,, finished the funeral of the beautiful Caroline, we find Taylor speaks with Ridge the future of Thomas, and Douglas; it is in fact certain of the fact that if his son ends up in the arms of the young Logan, the entire family would benefit.
At the bottom of Hope and Douglas may the one help the other: Hope would have a son to raise and this would relieve the pain for the loss of the small Beth, while Douglas a mother who would grow with love and sweetness.
Everything would seem perfect, and in this manner his family would “save” but the Forrester is not for nothing agree.

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But what brought the psychiatrist to think of wanting to interferes in the life of the son so to implement a strategy like that? Probably the fact that will not give peace to the end of the marriage of his daughter with Liam and now that the difficulties in the relationship between Liam and Hope are evident, Taylor want to take the opportunity to bring back together with Stefy and young Spencer.

Hope usa Douglas

The the death of Caroline alas, it came in the right time. And then here is the opportunity served on a silver platter, to bring Hope to the young Forrester using the small Douglas. The psychiatrist, in fact, think that the child would need psychological support to overcome the trauma of the loss of the mother, and given that Hope he lost his daughter you may thus realize his dream of being a mother taking care of son Thomas.

Taylor kisses Ridge

As anticipated, however, Ridge is opposed to the ideanot want to interfere or take the risk of creating further pain in the lives of children but Taylormore than ever convinced of his plan, he approaches and kisses the charming designer in the hope of convincing him..

The thing, however, is not at all liked Brooke, and coming up at that very moment. Already, the Logan has witnessed the kiss. What’s going to happen?



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